Winter Sunsets

Sunset 1 Sunset 2

A couple of beautiful winter sunset shots in Monaco, Nelson. We are so sooo lucky in Nelson to have such amazing landscapes. This is my favourite part of winter – the stunning and very different sunsets we get each night. This usually happens before the rain sets in for weeks so I am savouring it.
I hope you’re all having a perfect week. Later today I will be sharing something special, to do with my Etsy store so keep an eye out!xobec

18 thoughts on “Winter Sunsets

  1. Ohhh you have a Monaco too! lol See, we have many things in common (Living near Monaco Monte Carlo but kinda hate it. Looks so fake). But these pics are amazing!!! :) XOXO

  2. I’m handling it with lots of woolly layers and lots of hot drinks. It’s been AGES since we visited Nelson — almost two years. Yes, I know, it must be time for a holiday in the sunshine ; )

  3. Oh my goodness Anna how are you handling being so cold?!
    How long is it since you’ve been to Nelson?

  4. Thank you so much lovely! Visit NZ and Ill show you one of these sunsets! :D

  5. Beautiful. Monaco is a lovely spot. You’re right, we do winter sunsets rather well in NZ — and it does help to make up for the freezing temperatures. We’ve just had nine days in a row of minus temps overnight in Christchurch! Brrrrrr.

    Looking forward to hearing about your ‘something special’…

  6. To me it gets freezing but in Nelson, the coldest might be 3’C. Down south it goes into minus degrees. The snow chilled wind is probably the worst!

  7. How beautiful it is. New Zealand winter looks rather lovely from where I’m sitting! This may be a naive question, but does it ever get really cold or just cool? xx

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