14 thoughts on “Winter beach visits

  1. Not many of us are blessed with temperate weather all year long. If it’s a choice between 7 months of bitter cold or 7 months of scorching heat, give me a parka.

  2. How do stand it Dave? I can hardly do this weather! Any colder and il be buying a one way trip to Hawaii !!

  3. In deg C, we fall below zero around Nov 1 and stay down there until April 1. December through mid February average 30 below and commonly fall to 45 or 50 below.

  4. Awww your comments always make me smile poppytump. Thank you :) I hope you’re having a lovely week!

  5. Relaxing and taking time to think and plan and mull over stuff is very important .You have an exciting time ahead Bec I wish you all the very best … enjoy your beach walks .. they really can be so uplifting :)

  6. Nelson really isn’t too bad. This morning it was 2 degC and to me that is freeeeezing! Water temperatures I’m not so sure of sorry :) how cold does it get where you are?

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