West Coast, New Zealand

West Coast, New Zealand 1 West Coast, New Zealand 2West Coast, New Zealand - Nikau PalmSeagulls - West Coast, New Zealand

Part two of my mini South Island road trip:
We then drove further down the coast stopping in a few small towns and eventually ending up in Hokitika. The drive down the West Coast is full of beautiful native New Zealand flax bushes, Nikau Palms & Ferns and crazy wild coastlines.
I loooove this photo above of the seagulls – the third bird from the left is so gansgter! haha!

West Coast, New Zealand - Waves West Coast, New Zealand - Sunset Point West Coast, New Zealand - Sunset Point 2 West Coast, New Zealand

The locals in Hokitika are the absolute coolest. You’ll never find more chilled out, cruisey kiwi’s! If you visit Hokitika, get a pizza from Fat Pipi’s Pizza and take it down to the beach at Sunset Point. Here, you can watch the sun go down & the crazy waves crashing on the beach.
A short drive away is the glow worm dell – which is sooo cool! xobec

7 thoughts on “West Coast, New Zealand

  1. Ohhh I wish I’d gone to the movie theatre – it sounds magic! You’re totally right about the west coast – truly stunning :)

  2. Love the West Coast! Its so sad that a lot of Kiwis miss out that section of the South Island when travelling. We went to Fat Pipi’s Pizza, and we saw a movie in the cinema in Hokitika, which is pretty much exactly the way it was when it first opened! Complete with a cute little ‘milk bar’.

  3. Thank you – so nice to hear that someone loves my photo style! That seagull shot is my fave too :)

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