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VSCO APP flowerVSCO APP flower 1 VSCO APP leafVSCO APP leaf 1 I thought it would be cool to start sharing some of my favourite Apps with you all. Most of them I dont use but there are some that stick. VSCO Cam is a photo editing app which can make your photos look aged, vintage and beautiful. I absolutely love all the filters to choose from and that you can make the images look as old and as new as you wish.

VSCO APP pearVSCO APP pear 1 VSCO APP poppiesVSCO APP poppies 1

Above are a few before and after editing photos. VSCO is only available for iPhone but I cannot wait until they have it available on iPad!
Have you got any favourite Apps? I would love to check them out!xobec

22 thoughts on “VSCO Photo Editing App

  1. Snap seed is the best photo editing app I’ve ever used and its free. Love all your pictures by the way

  2. I’m pretty sure the App is simpler, Bec! My guess is it’s a matter of changing the colour balance, reducing the contrast, softening the focus and making it look overexposed — all the things we try to correct in photos now : )

  3. Hey Lynet :) Yeah isn’t it annoying? Hopefully they will make it for iPad very soon!

  4. No wonder I couldn’t find it in the app store ( I only have iPad ) Your photos are lovely with/without filters!

  5. I love the aged vintage look the app gives the photos. The before and after is just to show the effects of the app, not make them better or worse :)

  6. May be I am not seeing the point, but in each case, the ‘before’ picture was better than the ‘after’ picture. The app degrades picture quality significantly. However, if you are going for the ‘warm’ effect, then you have to deal with the trade-off. :)

  7. No, but then I don’t have an iPhone (I don’t even have a ‘smart’ phone). After seeing your photos though, I’ve started playing around in Photoshop to see if I can create a similar effect. I’m having lots of fun.

  8. Hey Mark, thank you! Ill have to check out Tadaa, it sounds very fun :) Hope you enjoy VSCO!

  9. Lovely effects, and thanks for the heads up. I use two free apps for photo editing, Tadaa and Photoshop Express. Tadaa is like Instagram on steroids and even has some wicked depth of field effects. Photoshop is obviously not like the desk top version, but does allow the kind of tweaks that can transform a dull flat iPhone picture.

  10. Hey Crissy. Ohh that’s a shame they don’t have it for android. One day they’ll do it just for yooou! :)

  11. Wow, those colored poppy …. my favorite summer flower. Wow wonderful.
    But all photos are fantastic … the red flower on top .. what a beautiful gallery.
    Thank you so much.

  12. I fell in love with VSCO’s presets! I really want the app for it, maybe some day they will get an android developer. Unfortunately the actual LR presets have large/extreme grain that don’t look nice in portraits D: but this would be fun to use with instagram :D

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