Twenty 14

New Zealand Landscape

It’s time to think about new goals, dreams & wishes for 2014! I’m excited for this year with so many things I want to achieve.
Each year I choose a word to live my year by. Last year was ‘bravery’ – so each decision I made was based on this word. I achieved a lot with it. So this year I’ve decided on the word ‘adventure’. I want a year full of fun, laughter, exploring and adventures with friends and family.
What are a few of your goals this year? Anything you’d love to achieve?
Here are a few of mine…
♦ Have another exhibition
♦ Design 5 fabric patterns
♦ Attend 2 market stalls
♦ Collaborate with local artists on fun creative projects
♦ Road trip the North Island of New Zealand
♦ Visit America
♦ Take a roll of film photos each season & print them

9 thoughts on “Twenty 14

  1. Ohhhh you’re so lucky moving to America, that’s one of my future goals too! Where abouts will you be going? I wish you the world of luck x

  2. Haha sooooo cool, I love your goals Cha! When you get your real job, you can save to come to NZ :) xx

  3. Adventure! I love it, Bec! Makes me think of… one of the land at Disneyland Paris. Ahah And Indiana Jones!
    I don’t really have a goal but I’d like to get a real job this year. After 69851778215434 years of study.
    And I want to try plein air painting and buy a mandolin. lol

  4. I wish you a good luck with all your 2014 goals! On the New year’s eve,right on midnight, I had a crazy serous feeling that this year is meant to be a rollercoaster one! I decided not to have goals thos time and to let myself go and see where it will take me. It turns I’m moving to America next month! Hopefupy, you’ll get your wish to go there this year, too :)

  5. So now that you have been on the path you are describing above and have partially reshaped who you are what are the (5) adjectives you would use to describe yourself; if you asked your closest friend what (5) adjectives would they use. It sounds like you have a really interesting “Bucket List.”

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