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New Zealand Photography: Snowy Mountains

Its definitely getting colder here in little NZ! We had a huge dump of snow a few days ago so I made sure I got photos to show you all! One thing Im loving about the winter is the sunny days and frosty nights by the fire :) Hope you all have a beaut weekend, xo Bec

DIY: Paisley stenciled tights for winter!

Hey guys! Today Im teaming with diary of a mad crafter blog. Awhile ago she had done a DIY on fabric painting, I loved it and decided I wanted to test her method on a pair of tights! I LOOOVE paisley patterns and happened to find the perfect wood stencil at a trade aid store. So today we have both tested this method again, such fun huh?!

Supplies needed: Fabric paint (I used silver as I wanted it to stand out on black), wooden stencil, chosen fabric to print on!

I actually started by cutting a long piece of cardboard so that the paint wouldn’t seep through to the other side. On a piece of paper or ice-cream container lid smooth your paint out so its reasonably even. Dab stencil on and press down firmly onto fabric. Repeat… and leave to dry over night. Remember to read any instructions you get on the fabric paint bottle. You may need to iron or wash before using.
Sweeeet winter accessory! xo Bec

DIY: Tissue holder for your bag!

Hello! Day 4 of mine and Alanas pattern project!
Its getting into winter weather here in New Zealand which means tissues are a must have! (I hate being caught out in public with a dribbly nose and no tissue and we all know wiping it on your sleeve just aint that pretty) :D So todays DIY is a super cute way to carry tissues in your bag at all times.

Supplies needed: Fabric or felt that you love, needle and thread, scissors.
Firstly lay out your fabric and measure the size of a standard tissue, you need to make sure they fit inside and leave about 5mm on each side for sewing. Cut to correct size.

I then cut out a long scoop so that either side had a wee tab to sew along. Also this makes it super easy to refill with new tissues.
Sew along the edges and fill with tissues. How easy was that?! Now you can look forward to having a cold. Sort of. Maybe not…xo Bec