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Film Photography: March (part 2)

Film Camera Motorbike Film Camera Wharf BoatFilm Camera BecFilm Camera NasturtiumFilm Camera Yellow Flower

Part 2 of our film photos from March. These are a few that Arlo took during our fun film adventure! You can check out my ones here. I love the one above of the flower and also the portrait of me! Isnt it amazing that once you capture a moment with a camera, you have it forever. I really like that.
Which is your fave from Arlo’s collection?xobec

Down by the sea

Fishermans Wharf, Pier 39 and the Ferry Plaza are all must- see’s in San Francisco. You can spend a whole day exploring and if, like me, you end up finding a shoe shop that sells Minnetonka Moccasins (which you cant get in NZ) you’ll will end up leaving with 6 new pairs of shoes and a whole heap of SF merchandise! :D The farmers markets are really good to check out aswel, full of fresh food and other homemade goodies. Our highlight was getting on the back of a tour bike with our guide telling the worst jokes possible! Have any of you been there? What did you enjoy? xo Bec

…And we are off!

Well guys, the time has come for Arlo and I to head back to NZ! As of tomorrow I will have no internet as we will be doing the final pack-up and then flying across the Tasman. Ill be sure to take lots of photos along the way and update you all as soon as possible! But for now, here is W, X & Y of the A-Z photos… I will be doing a DIY with these in our new home AND sharing my Z with you when I next have internet! (oh the anticipation :) ) Yeeehooo excitement and new adventures ahead!

Make sure you all keep happy and well… I shall return to the blogging world as soon as I can! X Bec

W! Wharf

X! Xmas decorations made by my mum and I…
I just found these when we were packing away our home so thought I’d share.

Y! Yellow chicken :)