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Shoot it, Sketch it: Starfish

Starfish Beach 1

Do you remember these photos I took awhile ago and posted here? Well I decided to draw one for today’s post in beautiful bright colours! If any of you want to join in on this feature, just leave a comment below with a link to your site! A few others that love to join in each week are The Little Leaf, poppytump, Lunch Sketch, twoscamps and Anna Cull. It’s just a fun feature that is designed to get your creative ideas flowing and for us to all share each others work! Have an awesome week! xo Bec

Starfish 2

Shoot it, Sketch it: Rainforest bird

Rainforest Bird 1

So this weeks Shoot it, Sketch it post is a bit different. Arlo loves scanning the internet for amazing images to show me. He came across this one of a bird and said I should draw it. So below is my interpretation of this wonderful looking bird. I decided to go crazy with the colours and totally LOVE the end result. You can check out this photo and more on the National Geographic website or check out the website of Tim Laman (the amazing photographer!). This print is up on the Shop! xo Bec

Rainforest Bird 2

Christmas colored garden print

Another print is available on the shop! This ones colours were inspired by Christmas and since it is summer in New Zealand around the festive season, we always get beautiful flowers. Theres only a few days left to grab 20% off in the Shop so make sure you hop over and check it out! Just use the code: COLOURXMAS2012 at the checkout. xo Bec

Floral wallpaper print is on the Shop!

This floral print is now up on the Shop! I would LOVE to have this made into wallpaper one day and do a feature wall in my future home! Remember Im offering 20% off everything in the Clouds of Colour Shop for my Christmas sale at the moment. Just use the unique code: COLOURXMAS2012 at the checkout! Thanks guys! xo Bec

Shoot it, Sketch it: Lavender & Chive flowers

My Shoot it, Sketch it post is a wee bit different this week. The painting I did below was done on a canvas to put above our fireplace and was inspired by the vase of flowers I had just picked. So it isn’t an exact replica but was the inspiration behind it. This is usually where most of my ideas come from so I thought it would be nice to share it today! Inspiration is all around us and can pop up at any time! Remember to leave a comment below if you’re joining in Shoot it, Sketch it! xo Bec