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Golden Chair Revamp

Thrifted wire chair - before & after Thrifted wire chair - before

I found this very cool chair at the recycle centre last weekend and knew I just had to have it – for $2, how could I resist?
I have wanted to spray paint a chair gold for aaages now so after washing and sanding it down a bit, this chair came alive! I absolutely love how the rusty part turned out, like gold leaf peeling off. I sealed the gold with a clear satin varnish.

Thrifted wire chair - spray painted goldThrifted wire chair DIY - spray painted gold 1Thrifted wire chair DIY - spray painted gold 2Thrifted wire chair DIY - spray painted gold 3

I now need to find the perfect sized cushion for my old/new gold chair! For now, its a bit of a feature in the lounge.
What colour cushion would you add to it? I cannot decide! xobec

Phone Photo Friday

Phone Friday 18.01

Good morning! Today is a pretty exciting day on my blog- I’m guest blogging on…(You’ll see soon!)
This week Ive been working hard on some web design for a friend and also two commission pieces of artwork. You can see the start of the camel one above. Its full on but I’m doing what I love, so of course am loving it! My aunt just sent me two amazingly beautiful lace curtains. I cannot wait to hang them. xo Bec

Phone Photo Friday.

Friday! Here are some of the photos that I took this week on Instagram :) My week consisted of blogging (of course!), photo missions at a local garden, thrifting and a beautiful picnic with my lovely Arlo. Next week ill be away for a few days as Im heading over to a family bach where there is the most AMAZing photo opportunities there so Ill be sure to show you all some more kiwi landscapes :) Have a good weekend! xo Bec
PS: I had my FIRST sale on Etsy this week!!! Im sooo overwhelmed and excited :D :D

A morning at the market.

I get so excited searching for new pieces that I can decorate our home with and will inspire me. There’s an amazing second hand market near our home that is held every Sunday, how could I not resist not going for just a little peak?

Check out these little pegs a mother and her daughter had decorated – sooo cute!

And I found the most amazing vintage bag! See below for pics. The interior has a mirror and is lined with old gold embroidered fabric. On both sides of the exterior is an intricate Egyptian etching, oh gosh I just LOVE it!

As you can see I am pretty much in LOVE with my new bag!
Hope you enjoyed my adventure as much I did :)
X Bec