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The Great Christmas Market – 2013

The Great Christmas Market Nelson - Clouds of Colour 4 The Great Christmas Market Nelson - Clouds of Colour 8The Great Christmas Market Nelson - Clouds of Colour 1

I’m not sure that il even be able to begin telling you how awesome The Great Christmas Market was. Overwhelming. Amazing. Beautifully creative in every way. And filled with the most inspiring humans ever. Everyone was so excited and positive!
I met so many creatives and fans of Clouds of Colour! It was honestly the best day ever.

Here are a few photos of my stall:The Great Christmas Market Nelson - Clouds of Colour 7 The Great Christmas Market Nelson - Clouds of Colour 6 The Great Christmas Market Nelson - Clouds of Colour 5 The Great Christmas Market Nelson - Clouds of Colour 3 The Great Christmas Market Nelson - Clouds of Colour 2

The 3 beauties that organised this market deserve the biggest gold star. You can check out their creativity here, here and here. And check out more about the Christmas market here along with links and images to the stall holders.
Thank you so sooo much to everyone who dropped by to say hi!

And a few photos from the day:A Spank of Zanz - The Great Christmas MarketAbove: A Spank of ZanzCupcake Cutie - The Great Christmas MarketAbove: Cupcake CutieHello Lovely -  - The Great Christmas MarketAbove: Hello LovelyPony Lane clutches - The Great Christmas MarketAbove: Pony Lane

Summary of my very first market: totally, without a doubt – I’d live this day again at the drop of a hat.
Let me know if you check out any of these links and which were your faves!xobec


Bird on a fence by Clouds of Colour

Good morning! This week I have been putting all my spare hours into getting ready for The Great Christmas Market – you can read last years post here and like them on Facebook here. I am so excited & nervous as this is my first ever stall! These photos are a few moments I captured and loved – how cute is that bird on the fence?!

Bee flower by Clouds of Colour Wildflowers! Photo by Clouds of Colour

Below are this weeks Video, Article & Quote – let me know what you think!
♦ Video: An inspirational speech by Steve Jobs – I watch this once a week because it motivates me so so much. This guy is the man.
♦ Article: These ‘10 unusually cool places to sleep‘ are so incredibly…cool. I think my fave would have to be number 7. The Gothic Temple. And number 9. The Giant Boot is close to where I live – pretty cool huh! Which would you choose?
♦ Quote: “Each morning we are born again. What we do today is what matters most.” – Buddhaxobec

The Great Christmas Market Nelson

On Sunday, The Great Christmas Market was on. It was sooo cool meeting fellow bloggers and creatives in the Nelson region. I cannot wait until next years where I will hopefully have my own stall! Here are a few pics from the day and a few of my favorite stalls. I have added links so you can all see their work too :)

Katie from Skunk & Robot makes beautiful screen printed lamp shades & prints. I loved her hand made ties which had different patterned fabrics. You can check out her Facebook page here. What a clever chicky!

The Inside designs and makes these stags heads and birds (which I totally want!) She also specialises in wallpaper, decals and fabrics. Love her work. You can check out the website here.

Wonderville has the most funky artworks Ive seen. Fleur uses a bunch of mixed media to create these beauties. Check out her Facebook page here! She is also one of the fab chicks to have started The Great Christmas Market :)

Print Mistress was another of my faves. She designs and screen prints fabrics, tea towels, tees etc So clever and with such beautiful patterns! Check out her Facebook page here. Some of her designs (like in the bottom of this photo) are quite similar to some of my drawings. I love the contrast of colours and designs.

Kim from Cupcake Cutie makes these super cuuuuuuute hand stitched items. I love the cupcake pin cushions and babushka dolls! Kim has a blog full of amazing tutorials which you can check out here. Any of these would be perfect gifts for Christmas.

Waaaaahhhh these are too cute! Little felt acorns and santa men. Stef from Little Pixie Design doesn’t have a site yet but if you’re keen to get in contact with her, email stefdodunski{AT}yahoo.co.nz I now wish Id bought one (or 10) of those acorns! LOVE.

I love these little brooches by Sally of Mahana Redlegs. Very cute. She has an online shop which you can check out here.

What an awesome day. Meeting like minded creatives on a beautiful sunny day. I am looking forward to joining in the fun in next years market! If you visited any of these sites, which was your fave? xo Bec