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Phone Photo Friday.

Here is my week in instagram photos, we are definitely in the middle of winter now with alot of snow on the mountains. The other night New Zealand had a 7.0 earthquake that was felt throughout the whole country. Arlo and I had just finished watching Sherlock Holmes so got a 3D experience! It got me thinking that I should make a survival kit though, just in case. Tomorrow I have a cool giveaway for you all, just as a wee thank you :) Have a fab weekend! xo Bec

New Zealand Photography: Snowy Mountains

Its definitely getting colder here in little NZ! We had a huge dump of snow a few days ago so I made sure I got photos to show you all! One thing Im loving about the winter is the sunny days and frosty nights by the fire :) Hope you all have a beaut weekend, xo Bec

New Zealand Photography: Landscape

Hello hello! Another NZ photo mission… You remember my little friend that did Tie Dye with me? Well once a week I now babysit her so while the weather is still amazing we will be going on little trips together and getting photos! I plan on making a scrapbook of our adventures :) I love the photo below of the heron on a post, xo Bec