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Art Project / The Desert: Day 3

Sunset Tree 2

Art Project / Inspired by the desert: Silhouette Tree

Today is the last day of mine and Alana’s mini drawing project. It was hard getting these 3 pieces out on time, we both felt pressured and were chatting every day with new bits of inspiration, what we could draw and pinning ideas on Pinterest! I chose to doodle the silhouette of a tree against a huge orange sun in the desert. I like the simplicity of it with one big pop of colour. xobec

Soaring seagulls

Seagull 1

These photos were taken on our front lawn while mum threw food up to them. It all started with one little seagull and within 2 minutes the lawn was swarming with them fighting and yelling at each other. I love their silhouettes against the plain background. We were probably there for an hour amused by their behaviour and trying to snap the perfect shot. Hope you’re all having a beaut weekend! xo Bec

Seagull 2 Seagull 4 Seagull 5

Shoot it, Sketch it: Silhouette birds

Hello helloooo! I took this photo on my iPhone awhile ago and have always wanted to use it. Again I used this photo as an inspiration for the painting. Here are some fab bloggers that have been joining in with the Shoot it, Sketch it feature, check out their blogs! Alana, Anna Cull, Lunch Sketch and Poppytump. If you are joining in with us this week (or next) just leave a comment below so everyone can see your post! xo Bec

Northern California adventures

After being in the city for a few days, Arlo I went up the northern coast to explore and visit family. I took these shots along the way! I especially love the ones out of the car window with the sun going down, hot dry fields and silhouettes. It was very pretty and we thoroughly enjoyed our time up there! Which is your favourite pic? xo Bec

Golden Gate bridge

It was 35`C on the day we visited the Golden Gate bridge which for my body is waaay over the limit. Before I almost melted onto the concrete, I got these pics of the very beautiful bridge. Fun fact: the painting of this bridge never stops, once they complete it they have to go back to the start again. Imagine having that job and saying you’ve painted the Golden gate bridge 322 times! Crazzzy! xo Bec