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Off road

Canterbury, New Zealand - Road landscape   Canterbury, New Zealand -Cabbage Trees Old Railway Track, New Zealand Old Railway Track, New Zealand 1 Canterbury, New Zealand - Sheep landscape 2 Canterbury, New Zealand - Sheep landscape Canterbury, New Zealand - Road landscape 2 Canterbury, New Zealand - Sheep landscape 1

This Easter was all about getting off the beaten track and exploring some stunning spots in the South Island of New Zealand. Above are a few photos from the adventures! It was a terrible stormy weekend but when the sun peaks through as it disappeared behind the clouds, it gave a beautiful glow to the landscape. Those moments are what I love.
These photos were taken between the West Coast & Christchurch and also at Lake Coleridge.

Adventures at sunrise

Bec Brown - Boulder Bank, Nelson Sunrise - Boulder Bank, Nelson 3 Sunrise birds - Boulder Bank, Nelson

Sometimes I wake up in the morning and wish I was motivated enough to hop out of bed and watch the sun rise from one of our beautiful New Zealand beaches. Witness the landscape light up in shadows of gold as it greets a new day.
Yesterday I did just that – set my alarm for 6am and ventured into the crisp summer air to breathe in a new day. These photos I snapped have made me want to do this more. It is just sooo totally worth it. It got me ready for a beautiful new day and again, appreciate the stunning country I am so lucky to live in.

Sunrise - Boulder Bank, Nelson 2 Sunrise flowers - Boulder Bank, Nelson Sunrise swans - Boulder Bank, Nelson 2 Sunrise - Boulder Bank, Nelson 1 Sunrise silhouette - Boulder Bank, Nelson

There are moments and sights and smells that should be noticed and loved every day.
This was a perfect way to not only start my day, but a new week!
I hope these images brighten your day! xobec

Winter Sunsets

Sunset 1 Sunset 2

A couple of beautiful winter sunset shots in Monaco, Nelson. We are so sooo lucky in Nelson to have such amazing landscapes. This is my favourite part of winter – the stunning and very different sunsets we get each night. This usually happens before the rain sets in for weeks so I am savouring it.
I hope you’re all having a perfect week. Later today I will be sharing something special, to do with my Etsy store so keep an eye out!xobec

Starlings at Sunset

Starling birds at sunset 2 Starling birds at sunset 3 Starling birds at sunset 4Starling birds at sunset 1 Starling birds at sunset 6Starling birds at sunset 5

A few nights ago as I drove home from work I noticed these birds on the horizon in Nelson. They were swirling around the trees together at sunset. Their beautiful silhouettes captured us both. So last night we headed down to the beach with the camera, in the hope that they would still be there and they were! Apparently they are starlings and have been here for the past few days. I’m not sure what they are up to but if you’re in Nelson, head down to Rocks Road! It really is breathtaking.xobec