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Etsy Shop Birthday!

Clouds of Colour ArtThis month it is my Etsy Shop birthday! To celebrate & thank you for all the support towards my art I wanted to have a little promo. So until the end of July I am offering FREE SHIPPING with every Art Print purchase made on my shop! All you have to do is select  the Art Prints you wish to purchase & use the coupon code FIRSTBIRTHDAY at the checkout. This applies to both local and international buyers.
Thank you for the support towards my art. Love love love,xobec

Here we go around the merry-go-round

My very gorgeous friend Vanny arrived from the UK yesterday so I’ve been showing her around the city! We decided to join the little kids today and had a ride on the carousel which a dear little granny let us go on. Yes we were the biggest kids on there but it was fun! Check out the new headband and fabric of a dress I bought…LOVE it!

And for all of you that are waiting for my 10 hour mission photos, they are coming! I’d forgotten what a process it was to get photos developed!
Hope you’re having a lovely sunny day, X Bec (& Vanny)