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DIY: Recovering cushion cases.

I found these cushions and was not very keen on their existing cases so found some fabric I luuuurved and recovered them. I wanted the pinky colour to still be seen from the front so cut a smaller square of my poppy fabric and left a 5mm edging. As you know, Im a newby to sewing so hand stitched these. Perfect way to add colour and pattern to your home!
Here is an image of the existing covers:
And here is the end result. I love them next to my crocheted cushion! xo Bec

DIY: Reupholstering a chair.

Today Im sharing a few photos and hopefully some useful tips on how I reupholstered this chair for my studio! I have been hunting around for a chair I liked but couldnt find one so found this one and decided to adjust it :) Here is what it looked like to begin with:

First I unscrewed both the seat and backrest then cut out my chosen fabric so that I had about 3cm at the back to fasten it. Using a staple gun, I did one side and then its opposing side. I found this to be the best way to do it as I wanted the pattern even and not warping. For the corners I simply tucked in the edge of the fabric, making sure each corner looked the same. Also make sure you mark the spots where the screw holes are! Just incase you cover them up.

Reattach to the chairs frame and you’re all done! I decided to leave the wooden arm rests as I liked them and their worn look. This project took me a few hours to figure out and complete but was totally worth it as I have my very own custom studio chair! xo Bec

Studio Snapshots

Ive been wanting to start a new feature on my blog that shows a bit more of my daily life and what goes into the work behind Clouds of Colour blog and Shop. So welcome my new feature- Studio Snapshots! I will be showing photos of pieces im working on, what my studio space looks like and what inspires me. Hope you guys enjoy this! Im excited to show you all a bit more of ‘me’ :D If there is anything you would like to see or know about just let me know, xo Bec

Yes these are toe socks, its sooo cold here at the moment that I wear them allll day!

DIY: Simple clutch

Hello hello! Today Im sharing a few images of a clutch I made with the help of my mums cousin. She is extreeeeemely talented in the sewing department and has designed and made the most amazing quilts. She is also one family member that has always been interested and encouraging towards my creativity. So I was excited to have the chance to work alongside her and get a few sewing tips.

I wanted to make the clutch from this old shirt so we cut out the back panel and ironed it. For the clutch we used a simple rectangular design and sewed up the bottom edging. We also used the shirt pocket for the interior pocket of the clutch which I love! For any of you that know how to sew then this will be a super simple DIY…for me, there was a lot to learn! And I had fun learning from the queen of quilting! xo Bec

DIY: Badminton Racket jewellery displays

Whenever I need some DIY inspiration, I wonder around second hand stores just looking and piecing together random bits that might work and then suddenly an idea will come to me and I race home to create my vision! Today Im showing you a DIY using old badminton rackets which I found at our local recycle store. I absolutely LOVE how these turned out and now have them hung up in my bedroom.

First I found doilies that would fit inside the racket and using white thread I stitched around the edges. I think it would be cool to also dye some doilies for a spot of colour in your bedroom. I then hung up my two rackets using a nail. Place them however you want :) Then display your earrings! Grand total price for this project…$5! Yep, pretty pleased with that.
xo Bec