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My neighbourhood

Nelson Tahuna Seagulls Nelson Monaco Nelson Tahuna 4Nelson Tahuna 1Nelson Tahuna 2Nelson Tahuna 3

I thought it was about time I shared a few photos of my neighbourhood- beautiful Nelson! I love living here. It is absolutely brimming with artists, delicious homemade food, seaside cafes, beaches, nature… the list goes on. Above are a few photos of Arlo and I enjoying Nelson as this summer comes to an end. The mornings and evenings are getting a slight chill in the air so we are savouring every last beam of sunlight. Although a hot cocoa by the fire doesn’t sound so bad either…
Have a fab week friends!xobec

Soaring seagulls

Seagull 1

These photos were taken on our front lawn while mum threw food up to them. It all started with one little seagull and within 2 minutes the lawn was swarming with them fighting and yelling at each other. I love their silhouettes against the plain background. We were probably there for an hour amused by their behaviour and trying to snap the perfect shot. Hope you’re all having a beaut weekend! xo Bec

Seagull 2 Seagull 4 Seagull 5

Phone Photo Friday.

Here is my week in instagram photos, we are definitely in the middle of winter now with alot of snow on the mountains. The other night New Zealand had a 7.0 earthquake that was felt throughout the whole country. Arlo and I had just finished watching Sherlock Holmes so got a 3D experience! It got me thinking that I should make a survival kit though, just in case. Tomorrow I have a cool giveaway for you all, just as a wee thank you :) Have a fab weekend! xo Bec