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DIY: Flower Ice Cubes

Spring and mums garden got me inspired to make these cute little flower ice cubes! I used iced tea (tamarillo flavour) to give them the colour and lined an ice tray then added flowers from the garden. I love drinking iced tea in summer and this is a perfect way to add some super-cuteness! Today is Arlo’s birthday so we are enjoying a nice relaxing day by the beach with plenty of delicious summer food. Life is goooood. xo Bec

Phone Photo Friday.

Here is my week in instagram photos, we are definitely in the middle of winter now with alot of snow on the mountains. The other night New Zealand had a 7.0 earthquake that was felt throughout the whole country. Arlo and I had just finished watching Sherlock Holmes so got a 3D experience! It got me thinking that I should make a survival kit though, just in case. Tomorrow I have a cool giveaway for you all, just as a wee thank you :) Have a fab weekend! xo Bec