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New Zealand Photography: Little black swans.

These swans live on the coast of the top of the South Island of NZ. Appariently they arrived here from Australia in the 1960’s. I think they make beautiful silhouettes against the water. Maybe its time to draw one! xo bec

New Zealand Photography: Reflections at the beach

This is one of my fave beaches! And we had the most amazing weather on the day we hiked out there. There are usually seals swimming in a pool at one end of the beach but they werent there unfortunately. So here are some reflective photos of the beach! I wish it had been warm enough for a swim and picnic :D xo Bec

Two cute little duckies having a chat!

I followed these two little duckies for about an hour yesterday. They just swam around chatting to each other. Check out the image where I got one in mid-speech! Also I got an image of one closing its eyes…I had never seen ducks do this before! Love it :D Its very safe to say that duck season is my least favourite season! Just look at these cuties…! xo Bec