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Alternative Christmas Tree

Alternative Christmas Tree - turquoise bird decorationAlternative Christmas Tree - silver decoration 5 Alternative Christmas Tree - spray painted branchAlternative Christmas Tree - silver decoration 4Alternative Christmas Tree - white bird decorationAlternative Christmas Tree - silver decoration 3

This year we decided to try out an alternative Christmas tree – this is a huge branch found at the beach which I spray painted lightly with white to look like snow! And decorated sparsely with silver, turquoise and a few handmade decorations.
I loooove this years tree!
Have you got your tree up yet? What colour combo have you chosen?xobec

DIY: Fabric crochet rug

Fabric Crochet Rug 3

Today I’m sharing with you a rug I made using old curtain and sheet fabrics- the perfect way to recycle! All up I spent $13 on the fabric and it took me around 5 hours to complete. If you know how to crochet, then this will be easy! If not, follow my instructions below…or if you’re still stuck just Google how to crochet a simple oval or circle.
Supplies needed: Long strips of fabric! I cut mine to a width of about 10cm. Make sure you have HEAPS! This small rug used a sheet and 2 curtains. A crochet hook (because I didn’t have one, I used my fingers to loop the whole rug!)

Fabric Crochet Rug 1

1. What a chain link looks like. 2. To start your oval shaped rug, chain link a long piece of fabric. I did 7 stitches but if you’re making a circular rug just do less. 3. Once you get to the end, turn back onto your chain links and find the second hole from the end, this will be your first crochet stitch! 4. Pull your fabric through the hole. 5. Loop this around your crochet hook or (in my case) finger. 6. You should now have 2 loops on your finger. Loop once more so there is three. 7. Pull the third loop through the first two. If this is too confusing, just youtube how to do a single crochet stitch.

Fabric Crochet Rug 4Fabric Crochet Rug 2

Continue along the chain stitch until you come to the end. To go around a corner, all you have to do is three of these crochet stitches into the same hole. This curves the end. Don’t worry if it doesn’t look like anything at this point because once you get further into the rug, it will take shape. If your rug starts to curve in like a giant fabric bowl, just add more stitches in. Have you ever made a rug from something recycled? How did it turn out?
Looks who’s trying to claim my new rug! Too cute. xo Bec

Fabric Crochet Rug 5

DIY: Twig arrows

Twig Arrow DIY 4

I found these twig arrows on Pinterest the other day and HAD to try them. They’re so cute! And I love having little crafty things like this in corner of my home.
Supplies needed: Twigs painted white, glue, scissors, anything you want to decorate your arrows with.

Twig Arrow DIY 1 Twig Arrow DIY 2

First, I did some watercolour on a sheet of firm paper. Once dry, I doodled on it then cut out shapes needed. Remember to do a front and back for each arrow. Place the twig in between the paper and glue sides together. I finished mine off with a little bakers twine bow! Have a lovely day! xo Bec

Twig Arrow DIY 3

DIY: Handmade Christmas bunting

Christmas Bunting Decoration 1

Good morning! Another simple Christmas DIY idea. Do you all remember the bunting I made for my Art in Window display this year? Well I decided to recycle it for some Christmas bunting! I simply made my own using thick paper and decorated/doodled on it with water colour and ink pen.

Christmas Bunting Decoration 2 Christmas Bunting Decoration 3

Using brown paper, I cut out the lettering and fastened it to the bunting. Sticky tape it to string and viola! Super easy and fun. I’m so excited we have a tree! I love the smell of fresh pines, it definitely reminds me of Christmas when I was young. What reminds you of Christmas? xo Bec

Christmas Bunting Decoration 4 Christmas Bunting Decoration 5 Christmas Bunting Decoration 6 Christmas Bunting Decoration 7

DIY: Vintage paper Christmas wreath

Good morning! Its time for this blog to get into the festive spirit! So today I am sharing a simple wreath idea using vintage wallpaper and book pages. Supplies needed: paper of your choice, a piece of cardboard cut into a ring shape, a stapler and scissors.

First, cut out leaf shapes from your chosen papers. I made mine all the same size. Then using a stapler I layered all of the leaves onto the cardboard and fastened them down. Make sure you hide the staples. Keep moving around the ring until you’re done. You can then use a hole punch to make a hole in the back for hanging. All done!
Have you made any Christmas decorations yet? Leave a link below so I can check them out! xo Bec