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Christmas celebrations

Christmas dinnerChristmas dinner. Pork + peaches Christmas candles Crostini with olive tepanade, feta & roast tomato Fig, quince & blue cheese - yum!Christmas pavlova dessertChristmas champagne

I hope you’re all having an amazing Christmas with family & friends. I thought I’d share a few snaps of the food from our last few days… so many delicious things!
Have you ever tried peaches & pork? This was our main on Christmas Eve & was so fabulous. Also fig, blue cheese & quince paste on crackers? Yuuuum.
What are your favourite treats/food at Christmas?
Merry Christmas friends!xobec

Phone Photo Friday

Phone Friday 15.03

This week I made the BEST cake ever. See the recipe here if you want to test it out. I also got my new, beautiful camera. All paid for by my art sales and exhibition. I’m so soo excited and although I still have a lot to learn on it, I have been having a big play around testing out settings. How come I didn’t buy an SLR sooner?
In the following weeks, I will be sharing a few Easter DIY’s that I’m working on so keep any eye out. I hope you all have a fab weekend planned,xobec

Zucchini cake with lemon cream cheese icing

Zucchini cake recipe 2Zucchini cake recipe 4 Zucchini cake recipe 3

I’m one of those people that when it comes to baking I can never seem to follow the recipe. I think oooh I know what would go well instead of that! Most of the time, my baking turns out pretty shockingly but then, on very rare occasions, one turns out perfectly! This is one of them. A zucchini cake with lemon cream cheese icing. I adapted the recipe from here.

♥ 2 cups flour
♥ 2 teaspoons cinnamon
♥ 2 teaspoons baking soda
♥ 1 teaspoon salt
♥ 1/4 teaspoon baking powder
♥ 3 eggs
♥ 1 cup white sugar
♥ 1/2 cup vegetable oil
♥ 1/2 cup Greek yoghurt
♥ 1 teaspoon vanilla extract
♥ 2 cups grated zucchini

I sifted all the dry ingredients into one bowl. In another bowl I whisked the eggs until they were fluffy then added the oil, yoghurt, vanilla extract and zucchini. Mixed all together and then baked at 180deg Celsius until golden brown and popped back when pressed.
I then made a lemon/cream cheese icing and covered with coconut.
I think me running out of oil and using yoghurt instead, made it even better (haha!). I wish you could all taste it with me!

Zucchini cake recipe 1xobec

Valentines ginger cookies

Valentines Ginger Cookies 1

I loooove ginger bread and hadn’t made it since I was a kid. Usually I would make gingerbread men but since Valentines Day is just around the corner I thought little cookies would be cute. I used the recipe from here and added extra ginger. Using icing pens, I decorated the tops in the most lovey dovey way possible. A very simple treat to have on Valentines day! xo Bec

Valentines Ginger Cookies 2

Homemade boysenberry smoothies

Boysenberry smoothie recipe 2

One thing I LOVE about summer is all the fresh berries and using them in different ways. On the first day of my 365 project Arlo and I went boysenberry picking and I decided to test them out in a smoothie.

Boysenberry smoothie recipe 1

Ingredients: 1 cup boysenberries, 1/2 cup yoghurt, scoop of frozen yoghurt (use any flavour you want!), grated ginger, lime zest and juice (I used 1/2 one), grated cane sugar (about a tablespoon). I also added a banana right at the end.
Put all the ingredients into a blender and whizzzzz. Taste it to see if you want more of anything, I love ginger and lime so always add more of these. This could be the perfect breaky for Valentines Day! xo Bec

Boysenberry smoothie recipe 3 Boysenberry smoothie recipe 4