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Hello lovelies! This week has actually been a bit frantic. After my amazing day at The Great Christmas Market, I have had 8 commission pieces on the go as well as working full time & blogging. When you love what you’re doing though – you seem to float through these crazy days. Its exciting more than anything else.
This weeks faves:
♦ Video: This video is an absolute tear-jerker. What a beautiful human being.
♦ Article: Amazing drawings by the super talented Paul Cadden. Incredible!
♦ Quote: “Be a fruit loop in a world of cherios” – this is just too too cute and true.
Have an amazing weekend lovely friends!

Ordinary & extraordinary

My quote this year

Every year, I love to have a word or quote to live by. To make every decision with in my life.
It’s a little ritual I do around my birthday =)
For the past few days I have been thinking about my quarter century quote/motto and, after a long phone conversation with a friend, it came to me! That every decision in life can be ordinary or extraordinary – some better suited to each word. That there is always more than one path.

Do you have ay rituals on your birthday? I’d love to hear about them!xobec


This weekend, as all artisits do at some point, I’ve been particularly unmotivated. Sort of a blob around the house weekend. I love achieving so find it unbearable being in this slump. I jumped on the web this morning, hoping that google would help me out. Heres a few tips that I found and carried out, hope it motivates you aswel! :) If you want to check out the website I found, click here.

~ Find your mantra or slogan. A short sentence that you live by.

~ Remember your peak moments. Moments that remind you who you are and what goals you are aiming for.

~Do Less. Instead of trying to get 10 things done in your day, do one perfectly.

~Find Inspiration. Read success stories on like minded goals and loves.

~Squash negative thoughts and turn them into positive ones.

~ Think about the benefits, not the difficulties. Remember how good it feels to achieve something, not how hard it is to get there.

And my personal favourite which I found worked for me…
~ Buy the biggest coffee you can find, eat 3 cupcakes and read your favourite magazine in the sun.
(This one I tested and loved! hehe) X Bec