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Commando M

Commando M shoes poppy 6

Hello friends! Today I’m sharing a DIY with these Commando M shoes! Commando M was a big hit in the 80’s and is now back 30 something years later. I am so excited to be one of the kiwi bloggers they picked to send a pair to and customise in my own special way! So here is what I did…

Commando M shoes poppy 1Commando M shoes poppy 2Commando M shoes poppy 3

Firstly I penciled on my poppy drawings. Using fabric paint, I painted the red onto the shoes and left to dry. Some spots were definitely more difficult than others! I wanted the overall style to look hand drawn so left little areas of white. I then used a black permanent marker to outline the poppies and give them some form by shading.

Commando M shoes poppy 4

Voila! All done. I also had fun with the laces and working out different ways they could be laced. Make sure you check out the Commando M Facebook page for other style ideas and to grab your own pair!

Commando M shoes poppy 5xobec

Purple Poppy and the Christmas giveaway winner!

Purple poppy flower 1

I cant help but LOVE this photo so very much! A friend and I were taking photos in the garden and just before these petals fell off I managed to capture this shot. The perfect photo to start the weekend off! Hope you all have something super planned!
The winner of the Clouds of Colour Christmas pack was Laura from eljaygee blog. Thank you so much for all who entered and for your awesome feedback! You guys are totes the BEST :D xo Bec

Shoot it, Sketch it: Pink Poppy

Pink Poppy

Hellooo friends! Today for Shoot it, Sketch it I have done an interpretation of this pretty pink poppy. I love the way the watercolour came out in this painting. This print is now available on the Shop. If you’re new to this feature, Shoot it, Sketch it is where you take a photo of something (anything!) and then draw/paint/sketch it. It’s a fun way to meet other bloggers and be creative! Check out these other blogs for their posts: The Little Leaf, Anna Cull, Poppytump & LunchSketch. If you want to join in, just leave a comment below. Have a lovely day! xo Bec

Pink Poppy Drawing 2