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Pretty in pink

Pink Flower Malva 1 Pink Flower Malva 2 Pink Flower Malva 3

Some super pretty pink flowers shots. I’m still getting hang off this new camera and working out what works well, the different settings, how different the photos look on your camera! There is a lot to learn and I’m loving it. Whoever invented the camera is one person I’d love to meet. I’d probably just thank them hugely as I cant imagine my life without a camera.

I just googled it and found some interesting info on the first cameras and who invented them here. So now I know who to hug! Have a fab week, friends!xobec

Pink anemone

Anenome Pink Flower 1 Anenome Pink Flower 2 Anenome Pink Flower 3 Anenome Pink Flower 4 Anenome Pink Flower 5 Anenome Pink Flower 6

A few images of these very pretty pink anemones. I love the way the all sway underneath the tall oak trees at a nearby park.
I’m also running a give away on the Clouds of Colour facebook page. All you have to do is like the page and share it with your friends. Once I have 200 likes, I will be giving away one of my famous owl prints! Check it out here for more details :) Good luck!xobec

Buzzy bee bokeh

Bee Pink Flower Macro 3 Bee Pink Flower Macro 2 Bee Pink Flower Macro 1

I am actually waaaaay too excited to show you guys these photos. Even as I’m writing this I’m getting amped up at how much I love these photos, their colours and this perfect little hairy bee. Arlo and I recently learnt about the word ‘Bokeh’ which is the aesthetic quality of the blur in a photo. Now every time we take photos we look forward to seeing who captured the most Bokeh! Such fun! Which is your favourite image here?xobec

Shoot it, Sketch it: Pink Flower

Pink Flower

Hellooooo! Welcome to another edition of the feature Shoot it, Sketch it. Im so excited that so many of you are wanting to join in with this. It can be challenging but there is always something to draw!
A few others that enjoy this feature are The Little Leaf, poppytump, Lunch Sketch, twoscamps, Anna Cull and BreOfficialSite. I love seeing all of your work each week so keep up the amazing effort! Have a happy week everyone! xo Bec

Pink Flower Drawing