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Wax Eye birdies

Arlo and I visited a friend last week that had this bird bath full of hungry and excited birds. Here I captured some little Wax Eyes and Sparrows…just sooo cute! Are you guys sick of bird photos yet? I just ADORE birds or anything with a bird on it so I think it will always be a bit of a trend on my blog! :D Tomorrow Im adding something new to the Shop so make sure you pop by to take a peek! xo Bec

WAWAWEEWAH! What a photo!

I must say I was pretty gosh darn excited when I got this image! I may have done a little dance ;) Ok Il admit it now, I danced around the garden like Chandler from Friends dances. Ya know the dance?
Its being out in nature and taking photos like this that make me soooo enjoy photography…and love birds! Hope youre all having an exciting day! xo Bec

New Zealand Photography: Little black swans.

These swans live on the coast of the top of the South Island of NZ. Appariently they arrived here from Australia in the 1960’s. I think they make beautiful silhouettes against the water. Maybe its time to draw one! xo bec