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DIY: Valentines Day Jewellery Box

Jewellery Box DIY 1

Today I’m sharing a simple idea for Valentines Day. If you’re giving someone something small like jewellery this would be perfect! Supplies needed: patterned paper, scissors, a small box and modpodge.

Jewellery Box DIY 2 Jewellery Box DIY 3

Using some patterned paper I cut out small and large hearts then used modpodge to stick them randomly over the box. Leave to dry before finishing with some pretty bakers twine!

Jewellery Box DIY 4

A perfect little handmade touch for your loved one…xobec

DIY: Floral bird iPhone case

iPhone Case DIY 1

Good morning! Today Im sharing how to make your own iPhone case! I really love this DIY and have been using my case ever since I made it. You know how much Im addicted to birds and floral so this is perfect!
Firstly you will need to source a clear iPhone case that is the same size as your model. I found mine on Etsy. Other supplies: Paper, black pens, a pencil and scissors.

iPhone Case DIY 2 iPhone Case DIY 3

Using a pencil, stencil your iPhone case onto the paper. Sketch your design inside this stencil and go over it with the black pen. I coloured in the negative space so that my bird was floral.

iPhone Case DIY 4 iPhone Case DIY 5 iPhone Case DIY 6

Cut out your design, then using a craft knife cut out where your camera lens is. Insert into the clear case and you’re ready to roll. Time to go thrifting…! xo Bec

iPhone Case DIY 7

DIY: Christmas Garland

Christmas Garland 5

I had such amazing feedback from my Christmas Wreath DIY that I thought I would share this simple garland I made to look like snow flakes (kinda!). You will need crepe paper, string and scissors.

Christmas Garland Christmas Garland 1

First, cut the crepe paper into squares. Then fold them back and forth as if you were making a fan and tie in the centre (not too tightly). Using scissors, round the edges as seen above. Carefully pull apart each side so that it fans out like below. Voila! A snow flake.

Christmas Garland 2 Christmas Garland 3

I then strung all of mine together using fishing nylon. You could use any coloured crepe paper for this, depending on your theme this year! Have a lovely day guys! xo Bec

Christmas Garland 4

DIY: Origami Birds

A few months ago I found a beauuuutiful bird cage at a local vintage shop. Im not so keen on animals in cages so a real bird in this cage was out of the question! Which got me brainstorming handmade birds… I love making origami so found an app called origami 3D, which talked me through the steps of making little birds. Supplies need: square sheets of paper and patience.

Fold your square piece of paper in half downward to make a crease, then unfold. Repeat this so that you have creases both ways like in the second image. Next, fold the paper in half so you have a triangular shape then with its open edge, fold the left hand corner to the right, leaving about an inch. This is what will become the birds wings. In the 4th image it shows how I folded the upper layer back to the left, there should be a crease in the middle.

From here, you fold the whole piece in half downwards. Fold the top layer of the bottom part, upwards and repeat on the other side- these are your birds wings! For the beak of the bird, fold down the corner to make a crease, unfold and then invert it. You can see what I mean in the 4th photo above.
This is your bird completed! Phew! Hope you had fun. Once you have made one bird, its easy to make more. I used a thin thread to attach mine to the bird cage below. Have you ever made origami before? What are your favourite designs? xo Bec

DIY: Paper flowers

I still had some book pages left over from my Bookshelf DIY so used them to make these simple paper flowers. Supplies needed: paper, modpodge, sticks (for the stems) and masking tape.
I like to fold the edges on all my pieces of paper but if you want your flowers to have a jagged edge, leave as is. Wrap the pieces of paper around one end of the stick, making sure you are scrunching it at the base, it should start forming a rose petal pattern. Secure on the stick with masking tape and repeat until you have the flower as big as you want. Using modpodge I glued strips of paper onto the stick, like you would if doing paper mache. Cute huh?! :) xo Bec