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Crepe paper alternative Christmas Tree

Crepe paper alternative Christmas Tree 2 Crepe paper alternative Christmas Tree 1 Crepe paper alternative Christmas Tree 3

This years alternative Christmas Tree is made from tasseled crepe paper and black card stars. Sooo easy. Im in absolute LOVE with this simple DIY. The reason we went for a wall tree is because of Frankie – our puppy who still finds chewing anything in sight, hilarious.
You can check out last years tree here – where I spray painted an old branch from the beach :) xobec

Art product: Bockingford Paper

Art supplies - Bockingford watercolour paperArt supplies - Bockingford watercolour paper 2

First I shared the Artline Ink pens I use and this is of course another important art product in my work – paper! I love the texture and affordability of Bockingford watercolour paper. I use 300GSM, acid & lignen free – in a mix of A4, A3 & A2 (A2 is mostly for commissioned pieces. The nicest thing about this paper is that it can take a lot of water and paint before it warps or gets mucky.
There is also a really great range they have for sketching – it is finer and less textured.
Have you got a favourite art paper? I am always on the lookout for variations! xobec

Art Journal: Praying Mantis

Art Journal Praying Mantis 1 Art Journal Praying Mantis 2 Art Journal Praying Mantis 3 Art Journal Praying Mantis 4

Today’s Art Journal page was a bit of a creative outburst mixed with a bit of frustration that it wasnt turning out how I envisioned. Sometimes I push myself to be creative. And sometimes I’m just not feeling it. At those times, I’ve learnt its better to do something else like bake a cake or go for a walk. These Art Journal pages have been good for breaking down barriers of perfection and its nice to have it all on record.
What do you do to stay creative?xobec

Art Journal: Purple Flower Doily

Art Journal Purple flowers 4 Art Journal Purple flowers 1 Art Journal Purple flowers 2Art Journal Purple flowers 3 Art Journal Purple flowers 5 Art Journal Purple flowers 6

Ooooooh I LOVE how today’s art journal turned out! I used a purple ink pen to outline the hand drawn part of the flowers then soon after I applied water colour paint. It blurred it in a way I haven’t experienced before. I need to think of something beautiful to make with all these art journal pages… at the moment they are floating around my desk! Have you got any ideas?xobec

Art Journal: Monarch butterfly

Art Journal Monarch 1 Art Journal Monarch 2 Art Journal Monarch 3 Art Journal Monarch 4

I have had this little monarch butterfly wing sitting on my desk since I found it a few months ago. I couldn’t bare throwing it out so it has been sitting here waiting to be used on something creative. Art journal- you are the perfect way for me to showcase this precious little wing. What do you think?xobec