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Art Journal: Bumble bee

Art Journal Bumble Bee 1 Art Journal Bumble Bee 2 Art Journal Bumble Bee 3 Art Journal Bumble Bee 4 Art Journal Bumble Bee 5
Hellloooo! I hope you’ve all had an amazing week. Here is another page from my Art Journal. Do you remember this photo I took of a bumble bee? Its one of my all time favourites. So I mixed it up with some pretty washi tape and water colours. The colours in this page pretty much sum up how I feel about life at the moment, full of colour, happiness, different directions… Have a perfect weekend friends!xobec

Art Journal: Monarch butterfly

Art Journal Monarch 1 Art Journal Monarch 2 Art Journal Monarch 3 Art Journal Monarch 4

I have had this little monarch butterfly wing sitting on my desk since I found it a few months ago. I couldn’t bare throwing it out so it has been sitting here waiting to be used on something creative. Art journal- you are the perfect way for me to showcase this precious little wing. What do you think?xobec