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Kaiteriteri Beach

Kaiteri Beach, New Zealand .jpg Kaiteri Beach, New Zealand .jpgKaiteri Beach, New Zealand .jpg

A few snaps from our visit to Kaiteriteri beach on the weekend. If you’re a visitor to the Nelson region – this is one spot that you have to visit. Golden sand, beautiful blue ocean and plenty of outdoor adventures. I melt every time I come here. It’s so so stunning.
Plus – I discovered the best burger place called Gone Burgers. One of those burgers you should probably eat alone but, because you’re loving every mouthful so much, you don’t care that it’s all over your face and dripping down both arms. Too much info? Just wait until you try it!

Sunny day platters

Spring is now in full swing in New Zealand and I cant help but take full advantage of any sunny days. Eating fresh food by the ocean is my idea of perfect. Last weekend a friend and I ventured out to a cafe near the beach and ate these platters of delicious food. Ahhh yes, its these days that make me happy! What do you love to do on sunny days? xo Bec

New Zealand Photography: Little black swans.

These swans live on the coast of the top of the South Island of NZ. Appariently they arrived here from Australia in the 1960’s. I think they make beautiful silhouettes against the water. Maybe its time to draw one! xo bec

New Zealand Photography: Sunrise & silhouettes.

So just to have you all feeling a bit jealous of where I grew up, I took some sunset photos of  what can be seen almost every morning from the front lawn. I have a whole folder of sunrise images from my childhood, always different and totally spectacular! I hope this makes you all want to visit NZ! :D xo Bec

New Zealand Photography: Snowy Mountains

Its definitely getting colder here in little NZ! We had a huge dump of snow a few days ago so I made sure I got photos to show you all! One thing Im loving about the winter is the sunny days and frosty nights by the fire :) Hope you all have a beaut weekend, xo Bec