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New Zealand Photography: Reflections at the beach

This is one of my fave beaches! And we had the most amazing weather on the day we hiked out there. There are usually seals swimming in a pool at one end of the beach but they werent there unfortunately. So here are some reflective photos of the beach! I wish it had been warm enough for a swim and picnic :D xo Bec

New Zealand Photography: Snowy Mountains

Its definitely getting colder here in little NZ! We had a huge dump of snow a few days ago so I made sure I got photos to show you all! One thing Im loving about the winter is the sunny days and frosty nights by the fire :) Hope you all have a beaut weekend, xo Bec

Monthly Recap: March 2012

Alot has happened this month, including the big shift back home to NZ! Alana from The Little Leaf and I did an A-Z of photos project which turned out to be more tricky than we thought. But it was alot of fun and we both got to complete a DIY at the end of it for our homes.

I have a HEAP of home DIYs coming up for April as I get settled back in NZ, so keep watch!
Again a huge thank you to all my awesome followers and big welcome to any newbies!

X Bec


V! Vineyard

And the countdown has begun! Only a few more days left in the big bad city and then we are back to country life. Theres been alot of organising going on, people to see, things to sell…and I have finally narrowed my life down into 3 suitcases. My last update will be tomorrow as our internet is getting cut off so I will be showing you the rest of my A-Z photos :) Have a lovely day y’all! x Bec

Moving on out!

Well guys! I have some news for you all…its been a crazy week full of decisions for Arlo and I but we have decided to move back to the homeland! New Zealand has been calling us to return home for awhile so we are giving up the big city life for the beautiful country and beach. We are both really excited! Here are some photos of us doing the big pack-up (we leave in 2 weeks eeek!)… One of the weirdest feelings is seeing your posessions out on the curb and them getting crushed by a big truck haha But we are looking forward to creating a new home and I’m sure ill have heaps of photos and DIYs to share when we get settled :) X Bec