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Arum lilies

Arum Lily 1 Arum Lily 2 Arum Lily 3 Arum Lily 4

Some beautiful lilies for this beautiful sunny Thursday. I looove arum lilies and their soft white shapes.
The weather is cooling down at nights here now – I don’t want winter to arrive just yet! But I do look forward to the snowy mountains, winter scarves and jackets. Time to start preparing!
Have a wonderful day, friends xobec


Clouds of Colour art

Gooood Morning! This week we have got sooo much done on the house renovations – I’m looking forward to sharing some before & after images in the next few days. These will be of little DIY’s or even room make-overs we have done.
Last weekend I stayed at Kaiteri Beach – the image below shows the stunning view from one of the little walks near the beach. Sunset there is magic.

Kaiteriteri, Nelson

This weeks…
Article: this guy creates art on the beach using only a rake. Very cool when seen from above.
Video: A friend posted this video on Facebook and I loveeee it – ‘Inspiration in Hidden Places: Paris Behind the Scenes‘.
Quote: ‘My definition of stupid is wasting the opportunity to be yourself, because I think everybody has a uniqueness & everybody’s good at something’ – Pink
Have a wonderful weekend! xobec

Adventures at sunrise

Bec Brown - Boulder Bank, Nelson Sunrise - Boulder Bank, Nelson 3 Sunrise birds - Boulder Bank, Nelson

Sometimes I wake up in the morning and wish I was motivated enough to hop out of bed and watch the sun rise from one of our beautiful New Zealand beaches. Witness the landscape light up in shadows of gold as it greets a new day.
Yesterday I did just that – set my alarm for 6am and ventured into the crisp summer air to breathe in a new day. These photos I snapped have made me want to do this more. It is just sooo totally worth it. It got me ready for a beautiful new day and again, appreciate the stunning country I am so lucky to live in.

Sunrise - Boulder Bank, Nelson 2 Sunrise flowers - Boulder Bank, Nelson Sunrise swans - Boulder Bank, Nelson 2 Sunrise - Boulder Bank, Nelson 1 Sunrise silhouette - Boulder Bank, Nelson

There are moments and sights and smells that should be noticed and loved every day.
This was a perfect way to not only start my day, but a new week!
I hope these images brighten your day! xobec

Art: Pink poppy

Pink Poppy art inspirationPink Poppies by Bec Brown

This new art print is available on the shop this morning.
Inspired by this photo I snapped last Spring – poppiesssss!
This weekend is all about unpacking boxes, finding places for all our stuff and trying to get some sort of routine into our new home. I already have soooo many DIY ideas! I am working on one at the moment which is perfect for a wee Valentines Day gift =) Have a lovely weekend friends!xobec

Twenty 14

New Zealand Landscape

It’s time to think about new goals, dreams & wishes for 2014! I’m excited for this year with so many things I want to achieve.
Each year I choose a word to live my year by. Last year was ‘bravery’ – so each decision I made was based on this word. I achieved a lot with it. So this year I’ve decided on the word ‘adventure’. I want a year full of fun, laughter, exploring and adventures with friends and family.
What are a few of your goals this year? Anything you’d love to achieve?
Here are a few of mine…
♦ Have another exhibition
♦ Design 5 fabric patterns
♦ Attend 2 market stalls
♦ Collaborate with local artists on fun creative projects
♦ Road trip the North Island of New Zealand
♦ Visit America
♦ Take a roll of film photos each season & print them