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New Zealand summer tunes

Summer tunes

I absolutely love listening to good music in summer so thought I would share some of my favourite New Zealand tunes with you today. For any of you living outside of NZ, check these out and let me know what you think! Some classic kiwi summer tunes…

Dave Dobbyn: Loyal  I  Welcome Home  I  Slice of Heaven

Holly Smith: Bathe in the river Why cant we get along  I  Hiding

The Black Seeds: Cool Me Down  I  So True  I  The Answer

Fat Freddys Drop: Cay’s Cray’s  I  Wandering Eye

Gin Wigmore: Oh My  I  I Do

Salmonella Dub: Slide  I  Love, Sunshine & Happiness

Anika Moa: Dreams in my head  I  Falling in love again

Have fun! xo Bec

What’s in my bag?

Yes… im still super excited about my new vintage bag so heres another post relating to it! I find it interesting to see what is in someones bag, its so personal…some people carry the world in there, some only the necessities. How can males go without one? Ive tried only carrying a wallet and I feel…well…naked!


3 favourites things that I always carry in my bag are

A fresh spray of Daisy!
My wee notebook full of blog and business ideas.
A wee wooden elephant that i’ve had for years, I like to think of him as my good luck charm :)

What is in your bag today?

X Bec