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August Recap

August 2013

What’s happened this month… My holiday to Japan is what happened! You can see my adventures here, here & here. This experience opened my eyes in a huge way. It was honestly the best experience of my life – the only way I can describe it is a moment I had on a beach whilst there. I sat on the golden sand with the waves crashing at my feet and thought ‘this is pure magic. My inner everything feels fulfilled!’.
Now I’m back New Zealand!
And it’s time to take what I felt and put it into some new beautiful artwork. (And maybe plan my next adventure!).
A few fave posts this month have been: this Bicycle art print I My Art Process I Signs of Spring I Art Product: Artline Pens
Bring on September and all its beautiful spring goodness!xobec

Monthly Recap

2013 May RecapThis month feels like it has whizzed by without me noticing. Is it really true that time speeds up as you get older? I started working full time again last month so have been working harder to keep up with blogging, art and creating new work for the Art Expo Nelson in July. It feels like a massive creative and exciting whirlwind! Next month will be the same but with more winter images on the blog. I hope to show you more of beautiful New Zealand at this time of year.
Here are a few of my favourite posts from this month:
VSCO Photo Editing App  I  Autumn Film Photography  I  Art Journal: Purple  I  Shoot it, Sketch it: Tulips  I  Starlings at Sunset  I  iPad clutch tutorial
Thank you so much to all my amazing followers and for all your daily comments. I absolutely LOVE reading them all so thank you, thank you.xobec

March Recap

2013 March

This month, like all my other months, has been filled with plenty of creativity and art! I shared a DIY on Here Comes the Sun blog and have a giveaway on The Art Spectrum (which I hope you’ve all entered!).
I am really enjoying film photography missions! I have another lot on its way for April so watch this space. I am hoping to do one for every month of this year. This is part of the 365 project I started for 2013 and it has now progressed into sharing my love of film photography every month.
I’m looking forward to another month full of creativity and adding more items to the Shop! What are your blog plans this month?xobec

January Recap

January 2013

Can you believe how fast January went by? If that’s the rate we are going by, this year is going to fly! I have achieved so much this month; a lot of artwork has been added to the shop as well as organising an exhibition for this month. I’m enjoying doing some larger pieces which I will show you all when I’m done.
My fave DIY’s this month were the crocheted rug and floral bird iPhone case.
I have so many things on for Feb and am excited to keep sharing little snippets from my world with you!

Monthly Recap: June 2012

June has finished already! And it marked the 6th month of my lovely blog. I cant even describe how fulfilling it is to be part of the blogging world, I love my blog SO much! It so part of my life now… carrying a book around full of ideas, photographing everything I see and do, brainstorming creative ideas, just so I can show you all! This month I got sooo many prints ready for the Etsy Shop and celebrated my first sale- so exciting! I also started a new feature of New Zealand Photography here, here and here and my personal favourite photos snapped… Yellow daisy at sunrise.

Again a big thank you to all my loyal followers and new comers to Clouds of Colour! You guys are awwwesome! :D xo Bec