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Rose Garden

Broadgreen Rose Garden, Nelson 1 Broadgreen Rose Garden, Nelson 2 Broadgreen Rose Garden, Nelson 4

Good morning! These photos were taken at Broadgreen rose garden which is in full bloom at the moment – in fact today is the annual rose day showcasing around 3000 plants with 560 varieties.

Broadgreen Rose Garden, Nelson 5Broadgreen Rose Garden, Nelson 3Broadgreen Rose Garden, Nelson 6 Broadgreen Rose Garden, Nelson 7 Broadgreen Rose Garden, Nelson 8

Also today I am having my very first market stall at The Great Christmas Market – so SO exciting!! If you’re in Nelson this weekend – make sure you come an say hi! I would love to meet you.
Do you have anything exciting on this weekend?xobec

Just a moment…

Purple Flowers 1 Purple Flowers 2 Purple Flowers 3 Purple Flowers 4

Taking just a moment to appreciate these pretty purple shots from last weekend – I love the dark background against the purple, in the first 3 shots of this series.
Eeee I am far too excited to share my weekend away at Blogcademy and exploring Auckland! Remember you can follow my instagram for updates – @cloudsofcolour Have you been to Auckland and have any favourite spots? I’m dying to explore! So far I’ve been to The Fed which is a New York styled diner. I had a delicious pumpkin salad and bottomless coffee. The waitresses dresses were the cutest retro style in mint green! So many hidden treasures in this stunning city.
Leave me a comment if you have somewhere I must visit! Food places? Hidden boutiques? Art and craft stores? Architectural wonders?
Have a happy weekend friends!

Cherry blossoms

Cherry Blossom photos - pink  Cherry Blossom photos - pink 1 Cherry Blossom photos - pink 2 Cherry Blossom photos - pink 3 Cherry Blossom photos - pink 4

Cherry blossoms. There’s is something so fairy like about them. Their wobbly old trunks, bursting with hundreds of soft pink petals. One dream I have is to visit Japan again but when the cherry blossoms are in full bloom. Apparently you can start at the top of Japan and travel down the country as they open – incredible!xobec


Wisteria Flower 2 Wisteria Flower 4 Wisteria Flower 5Wisteria Flower 1Wisteria Flower 3

Last week mum and I went for a walk on dusk, both with cameras in hand. As we walked along we were approached by a truly lovely Japanese woman who was interested in our photography gear. We got talking about cameras, lens and macro… and she offered for me to try one of her lens for the week to see if I liked it. The result being these photos of wisteria flowers (I can’t stop looking at them!!).
I guess what makes me love these photos even more is the story behind them – the common interest in photography that lead to the pure generosity and trust from one human to another. I felt so touched by the whole evening.xobec