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Shoot it, Sketch it: Waterlily

Waterlily 1 Lilypad Drawing 2

Good morning lovely friends! Here is my Shoot it, Sketch it for this week- a waterlily in bright pink! This little pretty is available on my shop here.
Make sure you check out the other talented bloggers who take part in this feature!
The The Little Leaf / Anna Cull / Lunch Sketch / Her Waking Sky / Wildsherkin / poppytump. If you’re wanting to join in too, just leave a comment on this post! I hope I haven’t missed anyone on this list, please let me know if I have!xobec

Shoot it, Sketch it: Pink Lily

Pink Lily

You can kind of tell how massive this lily is because of my hand next to it, if you cant…well I’m telling you now. It was HUGE! So (of course) I had to paint it. Shoot it, Sketch it started as a feature to get myself and fellow artist Alana painting more for our Etsy shops. We now have a few other artists (links below) that join in each week too! Its so cool seeing what others come up with. If you want to join in, just leave a link on this post so we can check out your masterpiece! The Little Leaf, poppytump, Lunch Sketch, Anna Cull.
This artwork is available on the Clouds of Colour Shop as an original! xo Bec

Pink Lily Drawing Watercolour

Phone Photo Friday

Phone Photo Friday 14.12.12

Good morning! This week has been so…pretty! Sunshine, beach, screen printing, painting, Christmas decorating and finding a teeny tiny hedgehog. He’s so cute! I have been screen printing Christmas prezzies and enjoying games of golf and BBQ’s with an old school buddy. Life is gooood! How has your week been? xo Bec
PS: Have you seen this Iris flower before?