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Captured birth & death of nature.

For a while now ive been collecting these photos. I wanted to capture images of flowers at their birth and death. Theres such an obvious contrast in these images and I love how they’re still so beautiful. Hope everyone is having a good week… Im still busy zentangling! Is there anything else you would like to see me zentangle on? Thanks :) xo Bec

Moving on out!

Well guys! I have some news for you all…its been a crazy week full of decisions for Arlo and I but we have decided to move back to the homeland! New Zealand has been calling us to return home for awhile so we are giving up the big city life for the beautiful country and beach. We are both really excited! Here are some photos of us doing the big pack-up (we leave in 2 weeks eeek!)… One of the weirdest feelings is seeing your posessions out on the curb and them getting crushed by a big truck haha But we are looking forward to creating a new home and I’m sure ill have heaps of photos and DIYs to share when we get settled :) X Bec