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Roses in the pond. Image by Clouds of Colour Telephone wires. Image by Clouds of Colour Terracotta potplants. Image by Clouds of Colour

Hello lovelies! This week has actually been a bit frantic. After my amazing day at The Great Christmas Market, I have had 8 commission pieces on the go as well as working full time & blogging. When you love what you’re doing though – you seem to float through these crazy days. Its exciting more than anything else.
This weeks faves:
♦ Video: This video is an absolute tear-jerker. What a beautiful human being.
♦ Article: Amazing drawings by the super talented Paul Cadden. Incredible!
♦ Quote: “Be a fruit loop in a world of cherios” – this is just too too cute and true.
Have an amazing weekend lovely friends!


Bird on a fence by Clouds of Colour

Good morning! This week I have been putting all my spare hours into getting ready for The Great Christmas Market – you can read last years post here and like them on Facebook here. I am so excited & nervous as this is my first ever stall! These photos are a few moments I captured and loved – how cute is that bird on the fence?!

Bee flower by Clouds of Colour Wildflowers! Photo by Clouds of Colour

Below are this weeks Video, Article & Quote – let me know what you think!
♦ Video: An inspirational speech by Steve Jobs – I watch this once a week because it motivates me so so much. This guy is the man.
♦ Article: These ‘10 unusually cool places to sleep‘ are so incredibly…cool. I think my fave would have to be number 7. The Gothic Temple. And number 9. The Giant Boot is close to where I live – pretty cool huh! Which would you choose?
♦ Quote: “Each morning we are born again. What we do today is what matters most.” – Buddhaxobec

Discovering your unique art style

Discovering your unique art style 1

This post is a little bit about how I found my own art style and developed it into the art you see today.
I took painting classes all through school but what I found was that you got taught how to think – your style had to be for the school marking schedule, to eventually look like everyone else’s work – otherwise it was wrong.

It wasn’t until I left school that I started testing different art styles and breaking down those conformed school ideas, that I could find my own style.
I went through many phases and wanted to share them with you today to show that it took years of experimenting. Years of exploring and playing, until I found a style that just…fit with me.Discovering your unique art style - Bec Brown art 1Discovering your unique art style - Bec Brown art 3

I remember when I was going through my ‘stages’, I’d be having fun doing them but the joy would fade. It wasn’t until I started using watercolour (I’d never used it before and am self taught) that something deep down inside me felt satisfied by the results. I felt a deeper connection with what I was doing. It felt like more than putting a paintbrush to paper. And this was when I realised I’d discovered my own art style.

Discovering your unique art style - Bec Brown art 2

To summarise!
– Analyse art books & see which interests you.
– Start painting different styles of art. Try landscapes, abstract, portraits… and explore different mediums to find your faves – oil, charcoal, collages, watercolour, acrylic – there’s so many!
– Have a goal in mind for each phase. For example I’d create a certain number of pieces or have a time frame in which I’d test the style.
– Have fun! The more barriers you break down while exploring, the more likely you are to find a style of your own.

Blue Butterfly Drawing 3 Peacock drawing Bec Brown 1

Keep going until you feel a connection with a style. You’ll know when you’ve found it! Every part of you will feel a love for what you’re doing.
And if you need any help along the way – I’d love to hear your questions or queries,xobec


10807383036_aa5479108e_b copy
Image above by Jel Photography
Auckland street graffiti by Clouds of Colour Best Ugly Bagels Auckland Clouds of Colour

On my Friday recap I’ve been wanting to share more than just my week in images – but also what I find. So welcome to the new Friday feature! It is a recap of my week plus an inspiring video, article & quote. Let me know what you think of them!
This week I was ooo lucky to attend The Blogcademy (which you can read about here) –The Amazing Travelling Photobooth was so much fun!
And got to explore Auckland city (recap here)!
Blogcademy Auckland photobooth

This weeks finds…
♦ Video: By Ken Robinson on How schools kill creativity – I found this so inspiring!
♦ Article: A Century Old Subterranean Garden – this is beyond cool. Id love to hang out in that outdoor bath!
♦ Quote: “Let your smile change the world, but don’t let the world change your smile”.
Found on Pinterest here – I think this is how we should spend every day!

I hope you all have a fab weekend planned, xobec

Blogcademy Auckland – the recap!

The Blogcademy Auckland - photo by Clouds of Colour 5 The Blogcademy Auckland - photo by Clouds of Colour 6 The Blogcademy Auckland - photo by Clouds of Colour 8 The Blogcademy Auckland - photo by Clouds of Colour 1The Blogcademy Auckland - photo by Clouds of Colour 9The Blogcademy Auckland - photo by Clouds of Colour 3

Oh boy oh boy. Where to even begin.
This past weekend I attended The Blogcademy in Auckland and was not only exhausted with awesomeness but – more than ever – I am so overwhelmed with inspiration, passion and love for the blogging world.
Gala Darling, Kat & Shauna filled my brain with so much useful information, beautiful stories and glittery glam – that I am now ready to take hold of Clouds of Colour with both hands and work 10 million times harder than I have before.
Sitting in a room of sparkly bunny earred, creative woman was one of the best experiences of my life. I especially loved the fact that it was ok to Instagram and hashtag every moment from the weekend. I guess that what happens when you’re surrounded by bloggers!

If The Blogcademy happens to come to a city near you, I have two simple words … DO IT!
You’ll be mesmerised by their down to earth amazingness and come out with a notebook crammed full of ideas!xobec