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Purple & Green Leaves

Pink & Green Leaf 1 Pink & Green Leaf 2 Pink & Green Leaf 3

These little bugs are everywhere at the moment. Eating everything and fluttering around. I’m not sure what they are called, do you know?
Today is my exhibition! Mum and I set up everything yesterday, hung all the images, displayed my prints and cards and made cupcakes for the morning tea. If any of you are able to come, I would love to see you there! The Old Moutere Post Office facebook page has all the info you will need. I am really looking forward to meeting some local artists and having you check out my work! Photos to come later this week for any of you that cant make it…

White arum lilies.

Aren’t arum lilies beautiful?! I was amazed to discover that they are in fact poisonous but that you can cook and eat the leaves (yip I googled to find this out!) I like knowing info about what Im photographing so most of the time will google it to find fun facts. xo Bec

Big fat caterpillar print is up on the shop!

I am sooo incredibly pleased with this big fat caterpillar zentangle! I think he would be very cute in a children’s book :D You can check him out on the Clouds of Colour Shop. Hows everyones week going? Tomorrow I am off on a biiig photo mission, hopefully the weather is perfect! xo Bec

DIY: Recycled glass coasters.

So today Im taking on a craft challenge that Tracy from Momoftwosalums holds each month- this month is for coasters! I found these old glass coasters at the recycle shop, cleaned them up and got creating :)

I used a permanent marker to zentangle some simple leaves onto the glass then filled in the gaps with glass paint. Because I was drawing on the underside of the coasters I drew the design first then painted in the gaps. Doing it around the other way would mean the black lines arent seen.

Dont they work well together?! Now I just need to invite people round for tea to enjoy them :) If you want to get involved in next months craft challenge just pop over to Momoftwosalums blog here! xo Bec