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Golden Hour

Flower weeds - golden hour Golden Hour - dried grass Hazlenut tree Macro - flower seeds Golden Hour - meadow

A few golden hour images taken last weekend. I was reading about the ‘golden hour’ and it said that more blue light is scattered at these times of the day, so if the sun is present, its light appears more reddish. There is less contrast so shadows and over exposure are minimal. It definitely is my favourite time to head out with my camera. I looove how this dried grass looks – those colours are beautiful!
When is your favourite time to take photos? xobec

Nelson to Christchurch, New Zealand

Hanmer Springs, New Zealand Landscape 1 Lewis Pass, New Zealand Landscape 2 Lewis Pass, New Zealand Landscape 3

These photo make me want to go on another road trip exploring New Zealand! The only problem is that every corner you turn, you want to stop and take another photo – its all sooo beautiful!
On our road trip to Ellerslie Flower Show in Christchurch, we went through the Lewis Pass and spent a night in Hanmer. These are the pics from this…

Lewis Pass, New Zealand Landscape 6 Lewis Pass, New Zealand Landscape 7 Lewis Pass, New Zealand Landscape Flowers 6 Lewis Pass, New Zealand Landscape 1 Lewis Pass, New Zealand Landscape Snow 4 Lewis Pass, New Zealand Landscape 5

We were so lucky to have sunny weather as it had been snowing and the roads were crazy slippery. Snowing in summer?!

Snow - Lewis Pass, New Zealand Landscape 2 Lewis Pass, New Zealand Landscape Trees 1

The image above is from one of my favourite pieces of road – lined with a forest of beech trees with their black trunks and bright green leaves. You can smell the fresh forest air as you drive past…sooo good!
This is such a beautiful drive to take – especially when the sun is shining, theres snow on the hills & your favourite tunes are playing =)

New Zealand landscape

New Zealand Landscape 1 New Zealand Landscape 3New Zealand Landscape 4New Zealand Landscape 5New Zealand Landscape 2

A few beautiful landscape snapshots from our short weekend away. Sometimes, you can get so lost in everyday life that you forget to look at the bigger picture or, the amazing country you live in. New Zealand’s nature and landscape scenery always blows me away. These shots were taken a few hours away from Nelson. I have more photos to share with you over the next few weeks so keep an eye out.xobec


Phone Photo Friday 7.6

Instagram pics from my week. Plenty of beautiful New Zealand scenery and my new hoodie which you can read about in yesterdays post. I think I forgot (because of my huge excitement) that you can in fact purchase the hoodie on The Seamstress NZ’s Shop.
She has other stunning designs for you to choose from too. If you buy one of the hoodies with my print please send me a pic. Im so excited to see others wearing a Clouds of Colour design!!xobec