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Commando M

Commando M shoes poppy 6

Hello friends! Today I’m sharing a DIY with these Commando M shoes! Commando M was a big hit in the 80’s and is now back 30 something years later. I am so excited to be one of the kiwi bloggers they picked to send a pair to and customise in my own special way! So here is what I did…

Commando M shoes poppy 1Commando M shoes poppy 2Commando M shoes poppy 3

Firstly I penciled on my poppy drawings. Using fabric paint, I painted the red onto the shoes and left to dry. Some spots were definitely more difficult than others! I wanted the overall style to look hand drawn so left little areas of white. I then used a black permanent marker to outline the poppies and give them some form by shading.

Commando M shoes poppy 4

Voila! All done. I also had fun with the laces and working out different ways they could be laced. Make sure you check out the Commando M Facebook page for other style ideas and to grab your own pair!

Commando M shoes poppy 5xobec

New Zealand summer tunes

Summer tunes

I absolutely love listening to good music in summer so thought I would share some of my favourite New Zealand tunes with you today. For any of you living outside of NZ, check these out and let me know what you think! Some classic kiwi summer tunes…

Dave Dobbyn: Loyal  I  Welcome Home  I  Slice of Heaven

Holly Smith: Bathe in the river Why cant we get along  I  Hiding

The Black Seeds: Cool Me Down  I  So True  I  The Answer

Fat Freddys Drop: Cay’s Cray’s  I  Wandering Eye

Gin Wigmore: Oh My  I  I Do

Salmonella Dub: Slide  I  Love, Sunshine & Happiness

Anika Moa: Dreams in my head  I  Falling in love again

Have fun! xo Bec

Cute little corrugated shed.

I just thought this was a really cute little shed so wanted to share it with you all. And I loooove corrugated iron with all its different colours and rusting spots. This shed was actually perched right on the beach. Where I was standing to take the image was the high tide mark. Very kiwi and very cool! Have a lovely day! xo Bec

New Zealand Photography: Moooooo!

Here a few more kiwi photos for you all… The subject of this post: this beauuutiful cow! She stood there posing the whole time I was taking photos. So sweet. Apart from the amazing photo opportunities in the New Zealand countryside, I absolutely LOVE the smells here. The distinct and unexplainable smell of sea spray across native NZ bush. If any of you ever visit NZ I highly suggest going waaay out into nature and just sniffing! haha xo Bec

Black & White New Zealand zentangles on Clouds of Colour Shop!

After going on all these New Zealand Photography missions, I got inspired to do some Kiwi zentangle prints for the Clouds of Colour Shop. Check them out and let me know what you think. Im also working on some more but with colour… What else reminds you of NZ? And that you would like to see drawn? Thaaaanks :D Your feedback is awesome!  xo Bec