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DIY: Beaded buzzy bee necklace

Buzzy bee necklace 1 Buzzy bee necklace

Heyhey! Today I’m sharing a DIY on how to make this little beaded buzzy bee necklace. I had a sudden flashback of making these bee’s as a kid and wanted to see if I could remember how to make them. Turns out they were easier to make now than when I was 10!! You could possibly make them bigger than I have if you used bigger beads.
For this DIY you will need: thin wire, 2 different coloured beads (for the body and wings), pliers and chain.

Buzzy bee necklace 2

1. Put 3 beads onto a piece of wire and pull both ends of the wire through 2 of the beads. 2. You should have a little triangle of beads as shown. 3. Add 3 more beads onto the wire and repeat the process. 4. Add 2 beads and repeat, then 1 bead and repeat. By this stage you should have a perfect body shape for the bee. I had to really tighten the wire to get it sitting like this. 5. Curl the tops of the wire to make the antennae. 6. Use another piece of wire for wings. I simply twisted the ends together and attached them to the body.

Buzzy bee necklace 3Buzzy bee necklace 5Buzzy bee necklace 4

Next, attach the bees to the chain. I made 2 of them and attached them at different lengths on the necklace. Super cute huh? I am really enjoying sharing some beaded DIY’s! You can check out how to make an amethyst necklace here.
Have fun!xobec

DIY: Amethyst & bead necklace

DIY Amethyst & Bead Necklace 1

Today Im sharing how to make this pretty amethyst and glass bead necklace. When I was younger I made tonnes of beaded jewellery and loved it. I found my old box of beading gear and got re-inspired to create something.
Supplies needed: Chain, clasp, silver wire, pliers, glass and amethyst beads.

DIY Amethyst & Bead Necklace 0DIY Amethyst & Bead Necklace 2

Firstly, cut the chain to the length wanted and secure a clasp to the end. Next, find the center of the chain at the bottom and cut it. This will be where you attach the beads. For each link I simply curled a small piece of wire, slipped on the bead and curled the other end. You can see this in the top right image above. Repeat this and secure all the links together. Attach to the chains ends.

DIY Amethyst & Bead Necklace 3

You’re all done! Easy huh? xobec