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Art Journal: Praying Mantis

Art Journal Praying Mantis 1 Art Journal Praying Mantis 2 Art Journal Praying Mantis 3 Art Journal Praying Mantis 4

Today’s Art Journal page was a bit of a creative outburst mixed with a bit of frustration that it wasnt turning out how I envisioned. Sometimes I push myself to be creative. And sometimes I’m just not feeling it. At those times, I’ve learnt its better to do something else like bake a cake or go for a walk. These Art Journal pages have been good for breaking down barriers of perfection and its nice to have it all on record.
What do you do to stay creative?xobec

Purple & Green Leaves

Pink & Green Leaf 1 Pink & Green Leaf 2 Pink & Green Leaf 3

These little bugs are everywhere at the moment. Eating everything and fluttering around. I’m not sure what they are called, do you know?
Today is my exhibition! Mum and I set up everything yesterday, hung all the images, displayed my prints and cards and made cupcakes for the morning tea. If any of you are able to come, I would love to see you there! The Old Moutere Post Office facebook page has all the info you will need. I am really looking forward to meeting some local artists and having you check out my work! Photos to come later this week for any of you that cant make it…

Spider in the green leaves

This little guy had built a web that lit up perfectly in the sun so I took a few snaps :) Spider webs have always fascinated me (as long as I don’t get too close!). Perfectly thought out and they can build them overnight! Does anyone know what kind of spider this is? Im not really up with the play when it comes to insects. Hope you’re all having a fine week! xo Bec