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Art Journal: Geometric face

Art Journal Geometric Girl 1 Art Journal Geometric Girl 2 Art Journal Geometric Girl 3 Art Journal Geometric Girl 4Art Journal Geometric Girl 5

I’m not sure why or where this art journal page came from but last weekend I woke up wanting to draw faces. So I now have 3 Art Journal pages of weird abstract faces to share with you over the next few weeks. I still haven’t decided if I like them… Or what I will do with all these pages! What do you think of this weird and wacky style?xobec

Shoot it, Sketch it: Peppers

Red Peppers Red Pepper drawing 2

Today’s Shoot it, Sketch it drawing is inspired by mums garden and the different coloured peppers she has been growing. She brought around 3 huge buckets last week and it inspired me to photograph and paint them. Look at all the beautiful shapes and colours in this photo! She’s a bit of a whizz in the garden and always produces the biggest vegetables I’ve ever seen. Clever chicky.xobec

Art Project / The Desert: Day 3

Sunset Tree 2

Art Project / Inspired by the desert: Silhouette Tree

Today is the last day of mine and Alana’s mini drawing project. It was hard getting these 3 pieces out on time, we both felt pressured and were chatting every day with new bits of inspiration, what we could draw and pinning ideas on Pinterest! I chose to doodle the silhouette of a tree against a huge orange sun in the desert. I like the simplicity of it with one big pop of colour. xobec