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Excitement, Adventure & Exploring!


As some of you may know I work full time as a Graphic Designer at a furniture store called EDITO, as well as working on my art, blog & design for Clouds of Colour. EDITO is SUCH an exciting new business in Nelson – filled with international flavour, beautiful furniture & homewares. It is suuch a creative environment & works perfectly in with my already jammed packed life – which I totally enjoy and cant get enough of.
Last night I had a phone call from my bosses asking if I would like to go on a buying trip for the store …..wait for it…..to Los Angeles!!! My reply… Ohhhh YES!! Followed by a lot of dancing around the room with excitement.
Its amazing – when you set goals and dreams and then they become a reality your whole soul is overwhelmed with emotions. Im big on setting dreams, its what moves us forward and when we achieve them – well I cant even explain my feeling right now – just the biggest WOW!
So guys – Im off for the next 2 weeks on an adventure of a lifetime. It will be quiet on the blog but Ill be sharing fun creative images on Instagram & Facebook so you can follow along & see whats happening.

Bec - summer fields

My words of advise for you all would be…
These two sentences are what get me to each amazing point. Life is beautiful!


PS: My ETSY Shop will be closed until Im back. You can still place orders & they will be shipped ASAP =)

Fabric Pattern designed by meee

As seen in this previous post I love designing fabric patterns. I get to mix my love of drawing and photoshop. So here is another design I did whilst living in Sydney. Now all I need to do is learn to sew (its the one creative thing that im absolutely shocking at!) Make sure you check out Alanas pattern post today :) xo Bec

Monthly Recap: April 2012

April has been a whirlwind month filled with lots of DIY’s, photography and getting the Clouds of Colour Shop on Etsy prepared. And I couldnt have done it without the support of my lovely blog followers so again, thank yooou! Every comment, like and post is one step closer to me having my own Etsy store ♥

This month my favourite posts have been the Flower Art Project Alana from Thelittleleaf and I did, my Doodle Stone and Cabinet Makeover DIY’s and the rose photos I snapped at a rose garden!

May is all about getting my Etsy store open, showing off NZ through more photos for you all and getting stuck into some more fun DIYs. If you have any DIY ideas, let me know! Thanks to all my loyal followers and a big welcome to any newbies! I hope you love Clouds of Colour as much as I do :) xo Bec

Clouds of Colour Shop is almost here!

Sooo guys, I havnt shared this with you yet but since being back in NZ I have been working hard on opening a Clouds of Colour Etsy Shop. On here I will be selling some design, art & jewellery… pretty much all the creativity I share with you on my blog :) Im almost ready to show you the site …but for now here are few images of what Ive been working on! xo Bec

Business cards