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Monthly Recap: October

2013 October

October! I have so many fave posts this month so I have listed a few from each category =)
Shop: Christmas Cards here and here  I  Floral Lettering  I  A7 Notebooks
Photography: Wisteria  I  Isel Park  I  Monarch Collage  I  Cherry blossoms
Crafts: Golden Chair Revamp

November is going to be a full on month – with a trip to Auckland for Blogcademy and having a stall at The Great Christmas Market. Yessss! Posts on both of these events – coming soon.
What are your November plans? Anything exciting?xobec


Wisteria Flower 2 Wisteria Flower 4 Wisteria Flower 5Wisteria Flower 1Wisteria Flower 3

Last week mum and I went for a walk on dusk, both with cameras in hand. As we walked along we were approached by a truly lovely Japanese woman who was interested in our photography gear. We got talking about cameras, lens and macro… and she offered for me to try one of her lens for the week to see if I liked it. The result being these photos of wisteria flowers (I can’t stop looking at them!!).
I guess what makes me love these photos even more is the story behind them – the common interest in photography that lead to the pure generosity and trust from one human to another. I felt so touched by the whole evening.xobec

Isel Park

Isel Park Nelson Spring 1 Isel Park Nelson Spring 2 Isel Park Nelson Spring 3 Isel Park Nelson Spring 5Isel Park Nelson Spring 4

Isel Park is in full bloom at the moment with bluebells covering the ground, poppies, monarch butterflies, rhododendrons + sooo much more. The house is over 160 years old. If you live in Nelson, or are visiting, make sure you check it out… and have a game of frisbee golf while you’re taking in the beauty of spring! xobec

Garden snapshots

Pink Magnolia 1 Pink Magnolia 2Pink Flower MonarchsRoseSpring Flower 5 Pink Magnolia 4

The gardens are FULL of pretty floral goodness at the moment. Its a good time for Sunday photo missions and new inspiration for art (which I’m definitely in need of!). Walking through gardens is what inspires my floral lettering the most (see here). Nelson is slowly warming up (apart from the rain yesterday!) so I’m excited to pull out the maxi dresses & jandals! What are your weekend plans? =)xobec


Phone Photo Friday 11.10

Good Morning! I have just started reading Gala Darlings ‘Things I love Thursday’ blog post where she shares cute wee finds and things she is thankful for and loves. It got me thinking about my Friday post – a summary of my week – and how nice it is to see my week in photos. Little moments captured forever. It definitely makes me thankful for what I create in my life… Just look at those macaroons!
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