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Golden Hour

Flower weeds - golden hour Golden Hour - dried grass Hazlenut tree Macro - flower seeds Golden Hour - meadow

A few golden hour images taken last weekend. I was reading about the ‘golden hour’ and it said that more blue light is scattered at these times of the day, so if the sun is present, its light appears more reddish. There is less contrast so shadows and over exposure are minimal. It definitely is my favourite time to head out with my camera. I looove how this dried grass looks – those colours are beautiful!
When is your favourite time to take photos? xobec

Arum lilies

Arum Lily 1 Arum Lily 2 Arum Lily 3 Arum Lily 4

Some beautiful lilies for this beautiful sunny Thursday. I looove arum lilies and their soft white shapes.
The weather is cooling down at nights here now – I don’t want winter to arrive just yet! But I do look forward to the snowy mountains, winter scarves and jackets. Time to start preparing!
Have a wonderful day, friends xobec

Just a moment…

Purple Flowers 1 Purple Flowers 2 Purple Flowers 3 Purple Flowers 4

Taking just a moment to appreciate these pretty purple shots from last weekend – I love the dark background against the purple, in the first 3 shots of this series.
Eeee I am far too excited to share my weekend away at Blogcademy and exploring Auckland! Remember you can follow my instagram for updates – @cloudsofcolour Have you been to Auckland and have any favourite spots? I’m dying to explore! So far I’ve been to The Fed which is a New York styled diner. I had a delicious pumpkin salad and bottomless coffee. The waitresses dresses were the cutest retro style in mint green! So many hidden treasures in this stunning city.
Leave me a comment if you have somewhere I must visit! Food places? Hidden boutiques? Art and craft stores? Architectural wonders?
Have a happy weekend friends!


Fantail bird, New Zealand 1 Fantail bird, New Zealand 2 Fantail bird, New Zealand 3 Fantail bird, New Zealand 4

This little fantail is my all time favourite bird. They flutter around full of energy (which makes them very tricky to get photos of) and happiness – singing all the way!
In Maori mythology, the fantail is a messenger and brings news from the gods to the people. Their Maori name is Pīwakawaka.
Do you have a favourite bird? I would love to hear about them!xobec