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Home Style Snapshots

Lac curtains + Brixton hat + Birdcage

While the big storm hit New Zealand today, I took the chance to take a few snap shots of our new home. At some point I will go through each room showing the before and after snaps… but for now I hope you enjoy checking out this little update =)

DSW Chairs + Sunflowers + Lace Curtains + Industrial Lighting Sunflowers

I absolutely LOVE DCW chairs so we paired them with our oak dining table. We also decided to add white industrial lighting to the dining/kitchen area. Styled with my faaaaave – sunflowers!

Mustard candles + lace curtains + Plants DIY Gold Towel Hooks

We wanted to have a wee bit of fun in the bathroom as the rest of the house has a lot of black & white. We used turquoise & gold to highlight a few features – above are some towel hooks which I found at the dump and spray painted gold. Spray painting old pieces is SUCH an amazing way to transform them.

DIY macrame planter Turquoise + Gold Bathroom Gold Frame + Wall Drawing by Bec Brown 1 Gold Frame + Wall Drawing by Bec Brown

I also tested out some macrame today – which ill share on the blog properly soon.
The other DIY I did in the bathroom is the artwork above. For this I drew straight onto the wall and spray painted an old gilt frame found at the dump. Cool huh? Its funny how drawing on the wall feels so…naughty! I guess thats from childhood (haha).
I hope you’ve enjoyed checking out this wee update. Mum and I are having soooo much fun doing up this house – a project we have always wanted to achieve together! xobec

Revamp: Little set of drawers

As you all know, Im a huge fan of home DIYs so carrying on with my current series, I wanted to start one that shows off any revamps I do on existing furniture like the upholstered chair I did a few weeks ago.  I absolutely love giving old furniture a new look! Kicking off the series is this little set of drawers I repainted. Below is the ‘before’ picture.

First I sanded it down and wiped it with a clean cloth. I painted the frame of the drawers in a bright white and drawers in the colours you can see below. I luuuurved the name of the red- tall poppy! I ended up doing 3 layers of paint on the whole piece. I left it to dry overnight.

These colours to me feel very French meets a sailor boy :D haha. Im slowly building up my collection of housey things for when Arlo and I get a home and Im able to decorate. How exciting! xo Bec