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Shop: Follow Your Art

Follow your art - floral print Follow you art by Bec Brown, Clouds of Colour 1 Follow you art by Bec Brown, Clouds of Colour 2

Its actually kind of funny how this art print came about – I was scouting quotes on Pinterest & read a ‘Follow your heart’ quote wrongly and thought it had said ‘Follow your art’. Dannnng thats clever! BOOM lightbulb moment – new print design. Follow your art with a floral heart – print now available on the Shop. And heres the result. Its everything I’m about. I love this piece so much that I went straight to the picture framers. If you need anything framed head to – The Framing Rooms, Collingwood Street, Nelson. They are just delightful!

Ellerslie Flower Show – Christchurch

This past weekend Mum and I took a trip down to the Ellerslie Flower Show in Christchurch. It was better than I imagined it to be! A nice sunny Christchurch day, live music and a perfect creative vibe in the air. Here are a few snaps from our day there.

One of my friends received gold for the Mexican inspired design above – soooo clever huh! I love the use of colours, reflective patterns & texture in the plants.
If you get the chance to go next year – I highly recommend it!
Have you been to Ellerslie? xobec


Wisteria Flower 2 Wisteria Flower 4 Wisteria Flower 5Wisteria Flower 1Wisteria Flower 3

Last week mum and I went for a walk on dusk, both with cameras in hand. As we walked along we were approached by a truly lovely Japanese woman who was interested in our photography gear. We got talking about cameras, lens and macro… and she offered for me to try one of her lens for the week to see if I liked it. The result being these photos of wisteria flowers (I can’t stop looking at them!!).
I guess what makes me love these photos even more is the story behind them – the common interest in photography that lead to the pure generosity and trust from one human to another. I felt so touched by the whole evening.xobec