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DIY: Chevron striped flax bag

Hellooo! Today Im sharing a super simple DIY- chevron striped flax bag! I like using bags like this when Arlo and I get fresh fruit & vegetables from the market. Or it could be used as a summer beach bag. Supplies need: A flax woven bag, masking tape, house paint and a sponge brush. 

I got this bag from a discount store for $5 and using masking tape I designed my chevron pattern. Using house paint, I sponged on white. I found that sponging it on had a much better result than using a paintbrush. Wait for the paint to dry before carefully lifting off the masking tape. Voila! :D xo Bec

New Zealand Photography: Sunrise & silhouettes.

So just to have you all feeling a bit jealous of where I grew up, I took some sunset photos of  what can be seen almost every morning from the front lawn. I have a whole folder of sunrise images from my childhood, always different and totally spectacular! I hope this makes you all want to visit NZ! :D xo Bec

DIY: Fruity ice spoons for summer drinks!

I bought this mould which is supposed to be used to make chocolate spoons in but I thought icey ones might be a bit of fun! So I tested it out using small pieces of orange, lemon and mint. I also want to test out coffee, choco chips, berries …the list goes on! Heres a few pics from my experiment… Do you like the flax woven mat I whipped up? I actually ended up making it into a basket which Ill post about later! These would be a great addition to any summer drink! xo Bec

Phone Photo Friday.

Hello hello! A few instagram photos from my week :D I have some very amazing DIY’s and NZ photos coming for you all over the next week! While I was away at our family bach, I made some very cool ice cubes AND my first ever sewing project which I love! Hope youre all keeping happy & healthy, xo Bec