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Feature Sponsor: Lisa Grennell

Lisa Grennell FeatureAd

Hello guys, I wanted to introduce you to my first ever feature sponsor! Do you remember the screen printing course I did back in December? Well this is the queen of screen printing herself- Lisa Grennell. Below are a few photos of her artwork and a bio. Make sure you check out her website too. Its full of the amazing artwork she does.

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Lisa is an emerging New Zealand artist with a Bachelor of Visual Arts and Design from the Nelson Marlborough Institute of Technology, 2010.
Lisa runs private screen printing workshops from her home studio in Nelson and dedicates her time to print making and sketching. This she describes as a “nice balance” from the random, instant expression of screen printing, to the methodical precision of fine detailed drawing. Lisa’s art practice is inspired by her love of nature. Her use of the soft delicate markings of the pencil represents the vulnerability of our bird species. In contrast, the ‘Monarch’ sits in its hierarchical position, unthreatened and dominant. This deliberate act is the artist’s expression of how our existence is governed.
Her prints are based on a similar theme, however the use of children draws upon her own experience of motherhood with concern for the future, modern technology and vast changes in ethical and moral standards. The stenciled Street Art inspired pieces are direct and ‘in your face’; referencing the loss of innocence, “Our children are growing up too fast”.

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If you want to read more about the few days I spent with Lisa you can read about it here. She is extremely talented and I highly recommend her course! Lisa will also be doing a special giveaway during this month so make sure you like her Facebook page so you don’t miss out!xobec

Feature blog: One Dish Closer

Hey guys! If any of you are interested in checking out an amaaaazing food blog or you just want to drool over some appetizing photography, my cousin has a blog called ‘One Dish Closer’. She writes reviews of restaurants she’s been to, tips and techniques and shares yummy recipes! You can also follow her on Twitter. Enjoy! xo Bec

Photos from One Dish Closer