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The Cats Table

Trouble & Fox Fashion Show - Nelson 5Trouble & Fox Fashion Show - Nelson 3

On Thursday night I attended ‘The Cats Table’ at Deville in Nelson. It’s was a very cool and edgy fashion show by Trouble & Fox, Sidecar and Kohl & Cochineal – showcasing some of their current designs.
Trouble & Fox and Sidecar are locally owned and run boutiques in Nelson. Both are full of an eclectic mix of handpicked clothing and accessories. It is so so amazing to have stores like this in Nelson – unique, quirky & fun. I absolutely loooove the interiors of these stores too. My fave feature being upside lamps hanging above the counter at Trouble & Fox! Very clever.
Kohl & Cochineal is a Nelson based label designing & creating seriously cool & classic handbags. Each piece is locally made – which I love!
I also loved the way the models were dressed to show off these fab pieces.

Trouble & Fox Fashion Show - Nelson 2 This was my faaaavourite outfit combo! Those pants are I.n.c.r.e.d.i.b.l.e.Trouble & Fox Fashion Show - Nelson 6
Trouble & Fox Fashion Show - Nelson 7 Trouble & Fox Fashion Show - Nelson 8Trouble & Fox Fashion Show - Nelson 9 And of course – there isn’t a party without a photo booth!
What a perfect way to spend a Thursday evening. I felt honoured to be part of the night.
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Clouds of Colour A5 Notebooks - stationery 3Berry picking 1 BoysenberryTrouble & Fox Fashion Show - Nelson 4

We have had some beautiful weather this week – perfect for berry picking and ice creams! And today – the rain has set in so I have an evening of art planned.
Last night I had my first ‘guest blogger’ event at a fashion show by the amazing boutique Trouble & Fox and Sidecar in Nelson – which I’ll be sharing soon. A very cool evening showcasing beautiful Nelson businesses and creatives.
This weeks video, article & quote…
Video: This is just so sooo clever. Art made with dice. Imagine how long it would have taken to plan this!
Article: Eee this is so cute. A teeny tiny trailer. The detailing is incredible. I would love to visit it some day!
Quote: “If you can’t figure out your purpose, figure out your passion. For your passion will lead you right to your purpose” – T.D Jakes
Have an amazing day friends!xobec

A creative collaboration

The Seamstrees NZ Clouds of Colour 1The Seamstrees NZ Clouds of Colour 2The Seamstrees NZ Clouds of Colour 4

Ohhhh man I.AM.SO.EXCITED. Look at my new hoodie!
A few months ago, Paula from The Seamstress NZ approached me asking if I would like to do a design for one of the stunning hoodies she makes. I was way too over excited then, and now after seeing the end result (and wearing it!!) I can hardly contain myself. I’m in awe of how ultra amazing and talented she is. She uses old vintage fabrics to line the hoodies and during these cool winter days, its the perfect snuggly accessory.
Make sure you check out her online shop here and like her Facebook page so that you can keep up to date with her beautiful designs.
What do you think?!xobec

Commando M

Commando M shoes poppy 6

Hello friends! Today I’m sharing a DIY with these Commando M shoes! Commando M was a big hit in the 80’s and is now back 30 something years later. I am so excited to be one of the kiwi bloggers they picked to send a pair to and customise in my own special way! So here is what I did…

Commando M shoes poppy 1Commando M shoes poppy 2Commando M shoes poppy 3

Firstly I penciled on my poppy drawings. Using fabric paint, I painted the red onto the shoes and left to dry. Some spots were definitely more difficult than others! I wanted the overall style to look hand drawn so left little areas of white. I then used a black permanent marker to outline the poppies and give them some form by shading.

Commando M shoes poppy 4

Voila! All done. I also had fun with the laces and working out different ways they could be laced. Make sure you check out the Commando M Facebook page for other style ideas and to grab your own pair!

Commando M shoes poppy 5xobec

DIY: Beaded buzzy bee necklace

Buzzy bee necklace 1 Buzzy bee necklace

Heyhey! Today I’m sharing a DIY on how to make this little beaded buzzy bee necklace. I had a sudden flashback of making these bee’s as a kid and wanted to see if I could remember how to make them. Turns out they were easier to make now than when I was 10!! You could possibly make them bigger than I have if you used bigger beads.
For this DIY you will need: thin wire, 2 different coloured beads (for the body and wings), pliers and chain.

Buzzy bee necklace 2

1. Put 3 beads onto a piece of wire and pull both ends of the wire through 2 of the beads. 2. You should have a little triangle of beads as shown. 3. Add 3 more beads onto the wire and repeat the process. 4. Add 2 beads and repeat, then 1 bead and repeat. By this stage you should have a perfect body shape for the bee. I had to really tighten the wire to get it sitting like this. 5. Curl the tops of the wire to make the antennae. 6. Use another piece of wire for wings. I simply twisted the ends together and attached them to the body.

Buzzy bee necklace 3Buzzy bee necklace 5Buzzy bee necklace 4

Next, attach the bees to the chain. I made 2 of them and attached them at different lengths on the necklace. Super cute huh? I am really enjoying sharing some beaded DIY’s! You can check out how to make an amethyst necklace here.
Have fun!xobec